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Serial police impersonator Jeremy Dewitte on Dr. Phil:


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  • Serial police impersonator Jeremy Dewitte on Dr. Phil:

    This is supposed to be the complete episode. From what I hear, Dr. Phil didn't go into Dewitte's stolen valor issues, his status as a convicted felon, or his child molestation conviction.

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    I'm wondering where he's getting all his money from.

    There's no way his "business" is bringing in enough money to pay the lease on his building, all his employees (like his brother, who is also a convicted felon child sex predator), and all the cars, trucks, and motorcycles repainted, custom graphics, and [email protected] with police-type emergengy lighting, radios, computers, and other equipment.

    It might be a clue, that his company vehicle(s) are actually registered to his wife personally, not his company. After his first two convictions for impersonating a police officer (1998 and 2001), he married an older Egyptian national, and then started his "high risk" funeral escort business- maybe his wife is funding his cosplay delusions...
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      It would be interesting to know where the money is coming from. What do you pay for a funeral escort, $150?


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        He uses his companies for other ventures which they're not licensed to be used as. He tries to do security however his convictions bar him from getting the license. My family owns a couple of pizza places down there and when they try to do a classic car show, he has shown up offering to do security for $250/hr. Funeral escorting is generally anywhere from $300-$1000 depending on mileage and the amount of vehicles in the precession.

        A majority of his money came from an auto accident he had with a truck. Just a bit below 7 figures.
        As I posted earlier, I had a relative who went to high school with him. He was the goofball who wore his explorer uniform everywhere.
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        Thanks for the info.


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