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  • Online Information Protection

    Has anyone used or any similar services? Did it work? A simple google search will reveal info on mostly anyone, to include home address, phone numbers, along with info on household members.. this company claims to help remove this info from being out there.

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    I used them. I haven’t recently because it essentially consisted of me googling my name once per month and sending them links.

    When you sign up they essentially do that themselves, and follow up on any letters they send out which is good... but they don’t seem to be proactive after that.

    Id send them links and they would get the info taken down, but I don’t know how much looking they were doing on their own.

    I need to see if my subscription is still active.

    ETA: I think I used “”
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      I used They were unusually thorough, sending out letters to all the major data selling companies asking to remove my information. They also cc'd me copies of those letters. It took a few months for all the various websites to act on those requests but once they did, I pretty much vanished. Every so often I will google my name, phone number and address to see what comes up and occasionally I will find a new data vendor who has my info. I just send the link to privacyforcops and they take care of it.

      If you authorize it, privacyforcops will keep your credit card on file and bill you annually for their services (I think it's $35). I opt for that and everything runs smoothly.

      The only drawback I've encountered was when I went to purchase a car. I wrote out a personal check and before accepting it, the car dealer ran me through a service that checks to see if you are a real person with a real address and not someone using fake ID to defraud them. The sales person came back and said their verification company could not find any record that I existed and asked if he could drive me to the bank where I could get a cashiers check instead.
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        The service is that good. $35 for a good service is a steal.

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