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  • Vicitm????

    I had a call over to the ol' WalMart last night in reference to a guy chasing down his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend in his car in the parking lot and got out with a baseball bat and assaulted the car.

    When we were in view of the parking lot we saw what looked like a Nascar Race with both cars doing around 70-80 through the big loop that encompasses WalMart. Several cars cut off the chase and we take him out at gun point. He's 'crying' now saying that it is his current girlfriend with another guy in the car, and she is saying he is just a guy she used to talk to and they never dated.

    We get the guy in cuffs and stuff him in the cruiser and the Sgt goes back to him to find out his story and the guy says "I'M the victim here, not her!" Sarge steps back and scratches his head and says "Did you not chase her down, ram her with your car, take a baseball bat to the exterior of her car?" He states "Yes, but I'm the victim. (Get this......) She broke my heart!". I about puked up dinner all over the parking lot. I mean, what are we teaching our youth now-a-days?
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    Sounds like a great case of reckless driving and criminal mischief. Case closed. Boo hoo
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      Sounds like psycho off his meds! BOO HOO POOR ME!
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        Ahhhhh, the youth of today (and last 10yrs. ) talk about job security.
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          I was in the emergency room on a guy that overdosed when we another guy walked into the waiting room and asked if he could be seen because his heart was broken i kinda laughed he didnt think it was too funny.
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