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Police Taser UCLA Student


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  • Police Taser UCLA Student


    My thoughts on this video:
    Now I understand I wasn't there and didnt see and experience what the officers did.
    After they tasered the subject who obviously was not cooperating and went limp so he didn't have to leave, I guess I don't get why they kept tasering him. Is that ok to do? Why not employ pain compliance like a good wrist lock to keep him on his feet and walk him out. If not there seemed to be enough officers on scene to just pick him up and carry him out. Maybe he was still resisting and that wasn't possible I couldn't really tell from the video.

    IMO This moron deserved what he got and I have read some follow up stories where its made to say that the student was tasered because he didn't show his ID. He was tasered becasue he was being a scroat bag and needed it. And it was also accused that officers refused to give their information... well no crap they were in the middle of an arrest, how many of you stop what you are doing to answer every random citizen's request for your information or job or whatever? It was also said an officer threatened to taser a subject for asking for his information. If you watch the video the officer threatens to taser the guy for not complying to his request to "step over there" out of the officer's way as they were exibiting crowd control in an increasingly hostile envorirnment.

    EDIT: read some of the UCLA officer's policy on tasers:
    "The UCPD's policy on Tasering calls Tasers a "less lethal device," and says that "although not absolutely prohibited, officers should give additional consideration to the unique circumstances involved prior to applying the Taser to...Individuals who are handcuffed or otherwise restrained." According to the policy, the "Drive Stun" capacity is appropriate "to eliminate physical resistance from an arrestee in accomplishing an arrest or physical search" (6A) as well as "pain compliance against passive resistors"

    So they were good to go.
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    They should have tased the kid with the camera. Now that would have been a great video.

    I love how people think they can do what they want and don't listen to a command and after they get tased it's the cops fault.


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      When your dumb you gotta be tough...
      "I neither approve or blame. I merely relate."- Voltaire


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        I love how the general public has no idea of the "use of force" and when it can and can't be used on someone. They always want our badge numbers and information, which we seldom give as our badge numbers are on our shoulders.

        Anyway, as the public doesnt know the use of force model specific to each agency and what we are guided by in our use of appropriate tools.....they see anything used against someone as "misuse of force OR abuse of power"



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          Liberals..... . Those bystanders have no "right" to the police officers' information. This POS who was causing trouble thinks that he knows his "rights" as well.

          I am SOOOOOO glad that I don't police out there in the west. Must drive you guys nuts to have so many liberal "activists" and "streetside lawyers" to deal with. We have our share but any more than I come across would make me look for another job.

          Oh yeah, the "patriot act" nonsense. Yes, this incident was Bush's fault too.
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            He got tazed (he he he)

            I love that video.

            Regarding those punks asking for the officers information, would they thought differently if this had happened after Virgina Tech?

            I think not

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              It seems this would have been within my agency's policy... Except that I couldn't hear anyone shout TASER! TASER! TASER!

              I didn't watch the entire film though...

              Would the "helpful" bystanders have prefered a knock-down knuckle fight?
              I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.

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                Just watched this video. Kid deserved what he got. Jagbag refuses to show his student ID to the CSO who's doing standard late nite ID checks. Why does he think he's above the rules? Maybe if the CSO was only singling out minorities (he was Iranian, I believe) for ID checks then maybe he's got a beef but there was no evidence of that and besides, that's something he can take up with the university.
                But he refuses, so university police are called. He repeatedly refused to show his ID and repeatedly refuses to leave.
                What people don't understand is that if someone refuses verbal commands then your only other choice is physical action.
                It's unclear from the beginning of the video whether he was leaving or not. All we heard was him screaming: don't touch me! Even if he was leaving, maybe by that time the officers had decided to arrest him for criminal trespass and that's why they didn't let him walk away.
                And he continues to passively resist by refusing to stand up when handcuffed. Then he screams like a banshee when he's tazed again for refusing to comply with orders. This kid clearly has some type of narcissistic personality disorder: "No I don't have to follow your rules. No I don't have to follow your orders. How dare you punish me for breaking the law!"
                Seriously, the vast majority of us who obey society's rule and regulations have no problem with the police. It's only jagbags like this kid who are victims of 'civil rights violations'. Well, you have no right to act like an [email protected]#hole. Trust me, if you met someone like this kid in your regular life you'd probably think he was an [email protected]#hole too. And he can go and treat other people like garbage, but it's a different story with the police. I think we're doing society a favor by teaching arrogant people like him to act like decent law abiding peaceful citizens.


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                  that's college life

                  This kid was a semi-ding (5149 1/2). But, in addition, he was looking for a confrontation. The CSO was checking ID's, like they do every night around that time. He had already checked ID's in the room next door and was beginning to make his way through that room. Everyone who studies at these campus libraries know the rules and they are almost always followed. As a matter of fact, most students see the CSO, know what time it is, and just put their ID's on the end of the table that they're studying at. The CSO does his job and the student doesn't get disturbed.

                  Now get this. Not only was this ****head a student, but he had his ID on him. He was setting up a confrontation with the officers. This happens all the time to patrol officers, but because this happened in such a liberal environment and people are so sensitive when it comes to students, it made a big splash with the media.

                  Fortunately, the officers are covered. They were following policy and that's what matters for them. Unfortunately, the kid is suing and he will get paid. The University and the police department will end up settling and the policy will have to be changed. Personally, I think the officers should have taken their time, convinced the kid to walk outside, and then beat his *** in a dark corner somewhere. And, as someone mentioned earlier, if this had happened after Virginia Tech, the kid probably would have had his *** handed to him before the officers even got there.


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                    So standard procedure is that every student lay their ID on the table during these nightly checks? AND this [email protected]#hole had his ID on him at the time? That's just great! Now we have the officers being sued for enforcing university policy.
                    This kid was clearly trying to incite civil unrest with his comments about the Patriot Act (don't see what ID checks have to do with the Patriot Act, but whatever), his refusal to stand up and his exaggerated screams when he was shot by the taser.
                    I've been shot with a taser, yeah it stings like a mother, but damn you'd think he was being stabbed with red hot needles the way he was carrying on. The fact that arrestees routinely scream much louder when tazed than officers who are tazed as part of their training makes me believe that the arrestees are exaggerating their pain in order to win sympathy.
                    The other students were getting dangerously close but I think the officers made the right call with not arresting anyone else, which only would have served to get the crowd more fired up. One officer was holding the crowd back (the asian guy) and the other two were dealing with the arrestee. So long as none of the bystanders actually tried to physically interfere with the arrest, none of them should be arrested for obstruction. Still, a lot of those students were getting up in the face of the Asian officer, which is why the other officer (the white guy who showed up at the end) told one to back off before he got tazed too. Maybe that sounded harsh to some people, but cops don't like people getting in their face anymore than anyone else does. If you had people routinely stand inches away from you in a confrontational manner, you'd tell them to back the eff off too.


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                      I actually see a better route. Let the campus security/police stay away from the library. Some homeless folkes set up shop in there? So what, who is going to make them leave? Not you, you hippie liberal. THEY deserve your library space. Some illegals take over the bathrooms and you can't pee there? Sorry, they just want a better life. Oh, some arabs start burning the American flag and tear up the place? Don't call the police, they might bring with them some stinky Patriot act stuff.

                      Stupid liberal kids.
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                        Why do they always ask for badge numbers, anyway? We have names, you know...


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                          Originally posted by firestone88 View Post
                          Why do they always ask for badge numbers, anyway? We have names, you know...
                          I love to give them my payroll number, which is 10 alpha-numeric digits. The look on their faces is priceless when they realize they'll never remember all those digits.


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                            I wasnt there and from what I saw of the video, they gave clear verbal commands and the subject never complied. So it is within their policy. The only issue is and its the same issue throughout this country is untrained unknowing eyes always dont know what they are looking at and for that reason if it was me, once I tazed the jerk and got him to the ground I would have doubled up on him and gotten him in cuffs and got him the heck out of there if anything for officer safety issues because of the high number of bystanders who could have become aggressive the longer they waited. We dont have eyes in the back of our heads and you cant watch everyone. Get em under control, cuff em up then get the heck outta there to process them.
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