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  • Card scanner problem

    In Cape Town we have been plagued lately with credit card scanning fraud devices that criminals procured somewhere.
    It is either black or whithe and about 3 inches (7 cm) long with a narrow groove in it, lengthwise.

    The suspect holds it in his left hand and completely conceal it from casual eyes. He then approach someone at an autobank, offering to help. He then take the victims card an insert it in the autobank's slot (but in the process het slide it through the device without the victim noticing and he memorises the victims pin number.

    At home he conncts the device to a PC and program the scanned particulars to a blank white credit card and uses the victim's pin number to withdraw money without the victim knowing.

    Is there any more info available or preventative stratagies to combat this crime? This type of crime is very difficult to combat as the suspects can only be approached under cover. An uniformed officer can be spotted from afar.

    The crimminals must procure these devives from somewhere and if we can astablish how it came in to the country we can maybe combat it more effectively, but the devices is so very small.

    They are driving us nuts.
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    Johan Crous
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