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  • Larceny from Auto Strategies

    Just looking for different ideas to mix it up a little. We have a lot of surface lots that are being targeted as well as hotel parking decks. Any unique strategies work in the past for you guys? As usual, it seems that the majority of people are leaving items in their car (Mostly business people downtown). Thanks in advance for any info...


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    We are having the same issue here. It's going to come down to luck. Somebody is going to walk out to the car and catch the bad guy in the act. We've had that happen twice already, but the victim did not call until the next day. The bad guy got away each time.

    What we've been doing is assigning officers to bike patrol and surveillance in unmarked cars. An officer can cover a lot of ground on a bike, and they have the element of surprise unlike a squad. Like you mentioned, if people would lock their doors and take their valuables out, there would not be an issue.
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      We should be able to ticket the stupid. But then again, we would be overcome with cases. I tell people that I live in a respectable neighborhood and I STILL lock my doors when I am home. Same goes with valuables, keep them out of sight and keep them locked down. For some reason there is a generation that feels that "if I can see it, I can take it". I mean, if they get their ***** beat a few times they might change their views, but not in the near future.
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