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Quality lidar units besides Kustom??


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  • Quality lidar units besides Kustom??

    I originally posted this is the TE subforum, and it didn't get too many looks, so I am reposting it here.

    My department has used Kustom Signals radar and laser units for years. They are quality units performance-wise, but they always seem to be going down every 4-5 months or so. My Lt. has finally had enough since Kustom usually charges an arm and a leg for repairs once the unit is past warranty.

    Does anyone use any other brands of Lidar? Like I said, I really enjoy the Kustom Signals Pro Laser III, but that is not an option. We are currently testing out Laser Technology's UltraLyte, but it's average. It's not nearly as forgiving as the Pro Laser III. I've found with the UltraLyte, you have to find the front license plate to get a reading whereas with the Pro Laser III, just hitting the front grill will give you a reading.

    Does anyone use Laser Technology, Applied Concept's Stalker, Laser Atlanta's SpeedLaser, or anything else I didn't list? Thanks ahead of time.
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    I like Lasertech and I've never had a problem with them or needed to hit the front license plate to get a reading. At night I routinely get good readings easily at 3000 feet. That's good enough for me. During the day, 1500-2000 feet easy. I don't need to go farther than that really. Plus, you can use the LT for diagraming scenes if you get the angle encoder and palm pilot package.


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      We use LTI UltraLytes. They work pretty well as long as you have extra C batteries around.
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        I use the LTI and have no complaints. The one I use has been in service for at least 5 years and hasn't been in for repairs yet, and thats with myself and four other troopers using it.I will agree it is sometimes difficult to get a dark colored, slopped front end car with no front plate.


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          Were you able to read my post in the other section? I sent you a pm also.


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