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  • The Ideal Police Resume

    For those interested in moving up the chain at their agencies, what does the “ideal” resume look like? Obviously, a person who looks good on paper is not always the best candidate for a position. The ideal resume can also differ from one organization to the other. That being said, looking at the command staffs of most departments, many of the people share certain traits.
    • Advanced education (Masters)
    • Attendance at Command Colleges (SPI, etc.)
    • FBI National Academy
    • Advanced certifications
    • Experience in prestigious units
    What are some other checklist items that could boost chances of promotion?

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    You can have all that and more but it doesn't mean a thing if you don't have the right connections. Spend less time padding your resume and more time making the right friends if you really want to climb the ladder.


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      The less proactive you are, the fewer arrests and the fewer contacts, the fewer mistakes you’ll make and complaints you’ll have.. and the more likely you are to move up.

      They don’t promote people with high arrest rates or commendations, they promote people with few complaints and black marks. The surest way to promote is to look busy without actually doing anything.

      My suggestion is to go out, be a good cop, try to take assignments you think you’ll enjoy and take the assignments the department needs done and do them well. If that doesn’t get you promoted you probably don’t want to be in the upper echelons of that organization anyway.
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      • westside popo
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        I've also noticed those same common traits in senior ranking officers at other places I've worked.

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      Originally posted by radams79 View Post
      [*]Attendance at Command Colleges (SPI, etc.)[*]FBI National Academy
      You are not going to get THOSE appointments until you are already in a Command Staff position.
      OR are already on a safe track to be appointed to a higher level command position
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        Contribute heavily to the sheriff’s reelection fund.


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          Administration is about networking, not about your resume. Screw up to move up...you'll always be promoted to the level of incompetence. Make friends in high places, kiss derrieres, learn the phrase "yes sir" and other shallow compliments, learn to ride the middle path and never make decisions (there's always the chance that a decision might make someone mad), have at least two faces and plenty of sharp daggers for various backs.
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            I think the reality is, once you are in line for positions of that high a rank, the brass already knows you and your work, and has already decided whether or not they want you. In my agency, it's called whether or not you've been given "the push."

            The only purpose a resume serves is to provide management with justification for to the decision they have already made - "Oh look, he has this" or "Oh look, he doesn't have that."

            Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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              Originally posted by SHU View Post
              You can have all that and more but it doesn't mean a thing if you don't have the right connections. Spend less time padding your resume and more time making the right friends if you really want to climb the ladder.

              Yup. It's sort of like this:


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                Ratatatat's checklist of promotion boosters:

                -Always be quick to throw subordinates under the bus. This shows UM (upper management) you are a hard charger who demands accountability.

                -Be smart though about who you throw under the bus. Only go after the people you know UM dislikes. Leave alone any of the golden children.

                -Take credit for the work of your subordinates. Like they will do anything about it.

                -Keep book on both subordinates and immediate supervisors. Take constant little notes documenting anything and everything which can be used against them down the road. No incident is too small; five minutes tardy from lunch... an inappropriate comment.... a sloppy report.... smoking within 50 feet of an entrance. Keep your book secure but easily accessible because one day, when the time is right for you to control the narrative, this book will be needed. UM will be impressed with your play.

                -Set subordinates up to fail. This isn't hard to do; for example, give an employee a negative performance evaluation for not self-initiating. A week later, notify the employee if they initiate anything without first consulting with you and getting your permission, you will hit them with a personnel action for insubordination. UM will see this as effective personnel management.

                -Micromanage your subordinates. Make them answer for every decision and every action. Require they notify you about every aspect of their job, no matter how trivial. Criticize and belittle frequently, whether deserved or not. UM loves managers who are actively engaged with their team.

                -Overcompensate for your incompetencies. Puff your chest out and hold your nose high in all interpersonal situations with subordinates. Exude confidence at all times. Only speak, never listen, because your ideas and opinions are the right ones. Recognize you are smarter than any of the monkeys who work for you and your destiny is more important than theirs. UM will see this as leadership potential.

                Call me cynical, but I've seen the above work very effectively and quickly in turning a turd into a boss into an upper manager....

                Chance favors the prepared mind.

                -Louis Pasteur


                • Zeitgeist1
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                  I so wish this wasn't true but it seems to be.

                • Aidokea
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                  Rat- I worked for that Lieutenant...

                • Saluki89
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                  Sounds like a guy I used to work with

                • SHU
                  SHU commented
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                  That sounds like a weasel I enjoy filing union grievances on. I make it a point to go after those types who wish to promote on the backs of others. When I file on them I always post a copy in the hallway of our station and highlight their name. I make it a point to detail their adverse conduct in the grievance. I highlight that too. It always draws a crowd of supervisors when I post a new grievance for everyone to view and it magically corrects their behavior 90% of the time. In the other 10% hard cases who don't see the light, I make it a point to file a grievance on their watch commander and let them know my grievances will continue until their subordinate gets the message and cleans up his/her act. That usually clears things up nicely.

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