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You won't Believe This! NYSP Bashing


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  • You won't Believe This! NYSP Bashing

    This is a letter that was printed in a local newspaper about one week after a NYSP Trooper was killed by friendly fire while searching a dwelling for an attepted cop killer, Travis Trim.
    State troopers messed up again

    In my opinion, re: Travis Trim.

    The more I see what happened on TV, read in the paper and hear on the radio, the more I can’t believe it. How much is all this going to cost the taxpayer to catch and kill this man of 23 years old? At one time I was told between 150 to 200 state troopers were there.

    The house was burned down to the ground, thanks to New York’s finest (taxpayers will pay to rebuild); a fellow brother was killed by another state trooper. Considering the amount of training a candidate has to go through to become a trooper _ and this happens? There is no excuse. None whatsoever. Sorry.

    It was a wonder that more didn’t get shot with the number of troopers who were there tripping over each other. All for one man of 23. I don’t think I could show my face again if I was in charge.

    Looking back at when the trooper was shot by Bucky Phillips and the state police were all gung-ho and shot an innocent four-wheeler _ once they backed off they caught him.

    They won’t let me have a pistol permit to hunt with, but they will give one to a cop so he can shoot another police officer or an innocent four-wheeler.This whole thing was a big, big screw-up from the word go.

    Who is going to pay for the screw-up? The taxpayer, of course. I feel so safe living in New York state
    It makes me sick reading it so I thought I'd share it with you.

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    You should see the cartoon that the Buffalo News published. Any police officer that gets the Buffalo News newspaper, cancel your subscription.


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      NYSP Bashing

      The easiest job in this country is that of Monday Morning Quarterback. If the gentleman is so worried about his safety in New York State, perhaps he should move to Baghdad. Hey Guys, not saying we don't screw up. But we do after actions. We adjust our training and tactics. We try to get better and better at what we do. When you put the majority of these self proclaimed "Experts" into the crucible of reality, 99% of them don't have the guts to go, and the 1% that does, will screw up the mission every time.


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        Total scum. Its amazing how he cares only about money and not the fact that the officer who did shoot the fatal round has to live with it for the rest of his life. Or the fact that an officer lost his life trying to protect the citizens of NY (Including this scum bag "writer"). He is more concerned that the money to train our fallen brother was wasted than he is about the sad loss of life. I dont know how people like him can sleep at night.

        I actually read about this shooting and the officer that was shot and killed was first shot by the suspect and that impact from the suspect pushed the officer into the line of fire of other officers. Its horrible that the situation wasn't avoided. But who the hell is this guy to judge someone placed in that situation? He has NO CLUE. Makes me sick. There aught to be public outrage over this guys comments.

        I particularly liked the part about how "he heard" there were 150 to 200 troopers there" Yeah, im sure that count is very accurate. And regardless, if it were the author's loved one who was just murdered by this suspect I seriously doubt he would be concerned with how many cops were on scene trying to bring the perp to justice.

        Also I beleive the house burned down after it was accidentally set fire trying to fumigate the perp out. The fire started and the suspect refused to surrender, forcing the cops to allow it to burn as the suspect was barricaded inside the home and had just shot at officers, striking at least one. Its amazing how he left all of this information out. Once again this guy makes me sick.


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          If that is the Timesunion columinst ten I have read even more of his crap. He casts his opinion on every incident before the dusts settles and well before all the facts are released.

          I believe the editor is as much the blame for allowing his crap to be printed...


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            Writer's Qualifications

            Be it a letter to the editor or a regular opinion column, just keep in mind the relative qualifications it takes to write a piece vs become a police officer. Any POS who has access to a pencil (or crayon) and paper can send in his thoughts, regardless of experience, training, honesty, integrity or level of intellect. To become any one of the officers involved in this or similar incidents requires a lot more and society as a whole recognizes this.
            "I'm not fluent in the language of violence, but I know enough to get around in places where it's spoken."


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              Here is a letter that appeared in todays paper.
              Trooper paid ultimate price

              In response to the comments made by one XXXXXXXX from Unadilla:

              I would like to point out that this fine country has some costs associated with it. Those troopers who responded in Margaretville are nothing short of heroes. If you want to talk about price, let’s talk about the price Trooper Brinkerhoff and his family paid for your protection.

              You write as though you would have done things differently; how easy it must be to Monday-morning quarterback such volatile actions. I am sure things would be a lot different if you were actually involved in the incident.

              I would affirm that there isn’t a moment that goes by that those involved don’t re-live it and wonder what they could have done differently; a price they’ll pay for eternity.

              The truth of the matter is, neither one of us was there and only those who were involved know exactly what occurred in that horrific event. I am sure that no media source has gotten the whole story 100 percent correct; just as we didn’t get 100 percent of the story of why you aren’t allowed a handgun.

              In closing, I would like to remind you that this country allows you to live wherever you like. It also allows you to run for office and affords you the opportunity to effect change in the way taxes are spent. I would suggest to you, sir, that you either attempt to effect change or move to another location.

              As for me, I’ll gladly pay those heroes, aka law enforcement, to protect me and my family, even if they make a mistake from time to time.
              I think he sums it up pretty well.


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                I wonder why he can not get a pistol permit.

                Probably has something in his closet.....


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                  Good to see that there are still a few people out there who still stand by us. Why didn't that guy just write a letter about all the baby raping and murdering of innocent civilians our military is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan all over a trumped up war that G.W. got us into for oil and other monetary purposes? (please understand that last ? is pure sarcasm)


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                    I guess the author of that B/S will never need a law enforcement officer, hell, lets hope not, I for one would feel maybe I could not live up to "Mr.Perfect's" expectations, but then, I don't give a crap what, if any, he thinks.
                    law dog


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