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Applicants with CPLs: No Prob or Red Flag?


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    In Colorado it's neither here nor there. You can carry a loaded handgun concealed in your vehicle without a permit, open carry of handguns is legal and in some parts of the state common, a long gun loaded as long as the chamber is empty and I probably stop more people with guns on them or in their vehicle than without.

    That said, if somebody is exercising their "right" by getting government permission to do so... they're not the problem.

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      Ratatatat Do you know if those armed people you mentioned all legally carrying concealed at the time of those incidents?

      I'm thinking that most of the time people carrying on a carry permit are the responsible gun owners and I think it would be a non-issue with most departments. I'm a Fed and I can't recall ever getting asked about having a permit at all. I don't think it came up when I worked WADOC either.

      That being said, getting government permission to exercise a right is asinine but that is my opinion and a topic for an entirely different thread.


      • Ratatatat
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        Yes. All mentioned were legally carrying.

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      Goof-balls are goof-balls, whether they choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights or not.


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        I was in Arizona last week. While in a store waiting to buy some items, half the people in front of me waiting in the line were carrying pistols on their hip. It was clear none of them were law enforcement officers of any kind. Everyone there was much more polite than here in California.
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          That has been my experience also.

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        No problem around here with a weapons permit...................................UNLESS you are driving a Crown Vic
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          We don't care. Every officer at my agency has one, along with massive gun collections. We don't care if you have a permit. It would be more likely to raise an eyebrow here if you don't have one. I might even feel a little bad for you, imagine having to pay to exercise a basic constitutional and human right. It is in no way a factor, but if I was forced to make it one, I'd say I would worry less about someone with a permit freaking out like an idiot when he encounters a citizen who has a gun.


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            Why would an applicant with a carry license raise a red flag?

            I would evaluate every applicant equally for their suitability to as an officer. I'm not going to single out the applicants with a carry license for extra scrutiny. And I'm not going to automatically DQ them for having one.


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