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  • state police .. township police

    I have a question that I don't want to go down the wrong road. Why do most people think the State Police are always the best of the best and held to a higher standard?

    To me we all do the same job, but listening to the radio all morning 99 percent of the people have this opinion.

    This pretty much sums up what started the topic.


    even if you read some of those "bloggers" posts they have the same opinion.
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    Speaking for myself:

    I spent three years with a municipality and 26 years with the CHP. In both capacities I worked with pride, integrity and professionalism. In neither capacity did I feel that I was any better than any other officer at any other agency.

    In my day, officers working for municipalities tested for the CHP for the simple reason they were able to transfer to areas of the state where they may never be able to otherwise work.

    I do not feel that I was looked upon as a greater or lesser person regardless of where I was working. We all have certain responsibilities to perform our duties without bias, prejudice, fear or favor and the performance is outstanding.

    A great thing about working for the state is if I ran across a crime in progress, I stablized the situation as best I could; called for the allied agency to respond; and, upon their arrival I would provide a written narrative of my observations and actions then ride into the sunset. That is something that raises the rankles of some allied agencies, but that is the way Chiefs want things done.
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      State Police-Township Police

      I agree with CHP Sgt's post. Prior to going to work with the State of Alabama, I had been a Deputy Sheriff, as well as a City Police Officer. I have to say in my case, that pay/benefits played a major part in my decision to apply with the State. As a member of the Alabama Dept of Public Safety, I never personally felt superior to my colleagues on city/county departments, although I felt I had the better job. Okay, that was just me. Each entity has a vital job to do. In common with CHP Sgt, I would often ride up on a situation in the city, stabilize it, give the city guys a verbal or written statement, and "ride off into the sunset".Now, many years later, I get to reflect on it all, and tell war stories.


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        Everything the Sarge said, X2

        I dide two years municipal and ended up with 20 on WHP. The only reason I chose state, was the chance to work in some of the most georgeous country on earth and, lots of choices for duty stations and adancement.

        I always admired the cops I worked with - be they one horse town or Cheyenne or Casper. They were al heroes and brothers in my eye.
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