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    To all the folks with a Bike Unit, who handles your bike maintenance? Is it in-house or do you take the bikes somewhere? Our guy who handled our in-house repairs left and I'm thinking of taking over the spot, pending the maintenance and repair courses I am planning on taking. Do any of you guys do your unit's bike repairs?
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    I work for a very small agency. I'll do the simple repairs that we learned how to do in the IPMBA course, anything more extensive I take it to a local bike shop that charges us for parts and very little for labor.

    If we were larger I would prefer to keep it in house personally.


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      There are 2 members of our bike unit that take care of most maintenance. Both are avid cyclists and can handle most of what's needed. Anything beyond their capabilities is handled by a nearby bike shop.


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        We send them out to a reputable bike shop. We are in the process of getting someone in to the IPMBA maintenance repair course. I imagine major issues will still be dealt with by the bike shop.


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