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  • Field Interview Card systems

    Hey guys, sorry about the Haystax post, I was just curious as I am currently doing research. I'm not sure if the Admin want to merge my two posts together, but that'd be fine.

    Anyways, I'm currently conducting some research on Field Interview cards. I'd much appreciate if you guys can answer the following questions for my research.

    What agency Do you work for?

    What do you guys use for Field Interview Cards? (FI Cards? Electronic? Other software?)

    Is the current system your department uses efficient?

    Is submission of FI cards by Officers an issue? Or is it done on a pretty consistent basis?

    Any other FI software, system, you'd recommend?

    Thank you guys, and for poops and giggles, I'll start first.

    I work for Stockton PD.

    We use electronic FI cards on our Tiburon computer software

    It is not efficient

    Submission is an issue, FI card numbers has dropped drastically because of the inefficiency.

    Not that I know of, which is why I was asking about the Mobile Field Interview System that was created by Haystax.

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    The bosses love some field interview cards.
    I make my living on Irish welfare.


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      We do a ton of FI cards. Everyone detained gets one. Huge investigation tool with my agency. If people don't do them they will and have been written up. They are paper triplicates. Records inputs them into the computer but we just got a system to enter them electronically with photos ourselves. The other big agency here only does electronic ones, they do very few compared to us, but they are higher quality in terms of info, like a whole detention report.


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        Neither place I have worked at used actual FI cards. If we did one, it was just an entry made on our reporting data base with the case number of the case so it could be collated together with the original report and any other supplements or FIs. There were no standard questions, but only what the officer entering deemed necessary to include in the FI report.


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          Use of FIC system is required under my agency's policy for any traffic or person stop.


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            The RCMP used to have such cards, and would end up in a Rolodex-like machine that seemed to be a Ferris-wheel with 4 regular bathtubs (proviso: this was in Saskatchewan in 1976 to about 1980s, and LONG ago went by the wayside). Most Canadian Municipal Police Services have had to stop using any such system, as their Mayors and Councils felt that minority groups were the main subjects of stops. The RCMP's records management system CAN accept electronic input of such checks, but I doubt that any Division, or Units, bother with them, given the time it takes to input the information. My knowledge is 8.5+ years stale, so be gentle!
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