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  • Patrol rifle stowage

    My car does not have a cage or a rifle rack and I have been authorized to carry my personal rifle with me on duty.

    My current solution has the rifle stuffed upright between my patrol bag and the passenger seat, but it doesn't seem to be an ideal solution as it is visible and easily accessible by someone if they break my passenger window.

    Have any of you stowed your rifles outside of the car rack in an easily accessible location? I want to keep it up front as opposed to the trunk.
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    You may want to pressure the department to purchase the rifle racks similar to the shot gun racks. You and they are running a HUGE liability should someone gain access to an unsecured weapon.
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      image_16863.jpg We secure our rifles in our cars with the Santa Cruz Gun Lock. Of course, given that this lock is nearly useless, it's not much better than stowing it unsecured.


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        Just out of curiosity, what makes you consider them "nearly useless?" My department uses them for our AR's and, while I think there are many better options out there, I wouldn't go so far as to classify them as "nearly useless."

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        Shooting you a PM.

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      I suppose you could jury-rig some kind of cable lock to something that's bolted down in the cruiser, but it would be [email protected]$$ at best...not a risk you should run when you're talking about securing a weapon in a cruiser. Realistically, if you don't have some kind of rifle rack inside, the only real option is the trunk (and you may have to consider additional security even then, depending on the type of car you're driving).
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        Dear god, put it in the trunk. The trunk is actually faster than the rack because the rack is so cumbersome.


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          At some point in every shift, you're going to be out of sight and earshot of your cruiser. If I didn't have a rack, I'd just put the long gun in the trunk. It isn't ideal, but I think an officer is more at risk of having an unsecured long gun stolen from the passenger than he or she is of needing a rifle absolutely right now. Do those absolutely tight now moments occur? Of course they do, but I think one has to play the odds.
          John from Maryland


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            My Force did NOT have racks for ANY long-arms for DECADES, then they FINALLY got custom-fabricated front-passenger-side-of-the-transmission-hump angled-down shotgun racks back in the early 1980s. We went to overhead-of-the-front-compartment-attached-to-the-upper-bar-of-the-protective-screen SG racks in the 2000s. Apparently, we now have either the above mounting for our carbines, or carbine+SG racks. My kid patrols with a Detachment-issued carbine each shift, thank God.
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              I know of an agency that used to carry prisoners in the front seat and the loaded shotgun was locked in on the passenger side touching the prisoner's left leg.



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                You could have been referring to my former department as well as the county police. Apart from the whole transport in the front seat issue, it wasn't really a problem if the shotgun was carried cruiser-ready and someone watched the suspect. It would have been an issue if the cruiser was in a wreck, but it would have been a problem with anyone in the passenger seat.

                Supposedly, however, someone being transported in a county car was able to discharge a shotgun into the roof. I have no idea of the condition of the shotgun or if the subject was handcuffed. Our motor vehicle fleet people decided to mount the shotguns between the bucket seats with the barrel angled upward at about a 30 degree angle. The racks required the shotguns to be carried with the slide back and ejection port open.

                Of course, we had guys who were in gunfights on a nightly basis who carried an extra round in the open action despite what the firearms instructors told us. It goes without saying that one day a shotgun was stored with a fifth round in it. Hilarity ensured...fortunately without injury, death, or significant property damage.
                John from Maryland


                • PeteBroccolo
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                  I was not there, but I heard a story about an NCO at another Unit in my Division who, during one of his rare times heading out for coffee, alone, in a marked patrol vehicle, decided to "check" the SG while in the mount, and, APPARENTLY, realized then that there WAS a round in the chamber AND that the safety was NOT on! I am unaware whether or not he needed hearing aids thereafter, and it was MANY moons ago, but, hey, NCOs, gotta laugh at 'em!

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                Bro, put it in the trunk. It can be quicker to get it out of the trunk sometimes than from a rack. If you are away from the car, with the rifle in the front seat and someone steals it, guess who’s going to be looking stupid at roll call the next day when the whole dept finds out .
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                  I'm keeping it the trunk from now on. Thank you all for the input.


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                    My 09 Impala has no rifle rack and the shotgun rack no longer functions. Both my patrol rifle and shotgun are in my trunk in bags.
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