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    I have a lot to say about what I have seen in my career in the last ten years. I work for a 100 man PD and we have about 65,000 citizens. I consider myself an active Officer. A little background on me: After three years on the PD I went to Narco and worked two major Drug Offender cases and also a large gambling case. I also worked the little buy busts here and there. I have worked in the project areas and have been in numerous specialized units. Two years ago I took my first promotional test for Sgt. I placed 5th. They promoted two off the test. One female and a 13 year officer. Both of these officers were not the supervisor type in my eyes. They were not go getter officers on the street. The 13yr vet was strictly traffic and is afraid of his own shadow. The same goes for the female. Our test just consists of a written exam. Last week I took the test for a second time and I scored 9th. Six points away from 1st, a lot of guys passed this test, it was close. The guy who scored #1 is not liked by anyone due to getting hurt all the time, taking off, scared of people on the street, lives by the contract, complains all the time. What I'm getting at is that it seems to me that the people who are getting promoted as of lately are not leaders. Nobody will follow them, listen to them, and they do not set an impressed example of the road guys. Better yet, none of them have worked any other unit other than the road. I currently work in a housing project, but it is considered the road. I love the road. I don't know what my point is, I just feel frustrated that me or one of the better cops didn't get the promotion. I get along with everyone at the PD, but I feel that the PD is not going to overcome its current problems when you have poor supervisors. I love my career, and it just ticks me off when I see substandard people doing the same thing that I am doing, and they are just skating through at the minimum output, while the others are out there in the mix bringing in arrests. I'm sure it has always been like this, and I am doing no good complaining. I obviously needed six more points to grasp the promotion, it just comes down to the 50/50 right or wrong answers on the test. Picking a supervisor on just that will be the demise of our future in law enforcement supervising. No wonder there are morale problems. It's time to re-evaluate what I want out of my career and to set different goals. I wanted the promotion, but now I don't want to end up being a supervisor if the support staff is complied of substandard officers. Very frustrating and disappointing.

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    OTOH..then you have to worry about who can kiss the most *** to get a good "Promotional Evaluation" We have the same thing here although Seniority counts as a factor along with score on the test. All in All, the Testing method is at least completely Objective, where Boards and evals can get VERY Subjective, and political.


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      I had this nice long drawn out reply then I realized it might be too specific and I dont want any details about MY dept. in here.
      In short, YES the people getting promoted these days ARE NOT the bnest cops, they ARE NOT the best leaders, they are THE BEST A** kissers, plain and simple.
      Lets just say that my department promoted officers to Sgt. that scored waaaaaay at the bottom of the written but ACED the oral. NO WAY in a perfect world, but L.E. is NOT perfect. Its all in the master plan...
      I got nothing for now


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        I also forgot to mention this in case someone tells me to study harder: I have three little ones not old enough for school. I studied as much as possible, scoring an 81, the two top guys on the test were on and are still on light duty. Plenty of time to study. Yeah our seniority is added in there also, but we all are within a year or two of each other. After the point in our career when you have a good shift and good days off, the smart ones stay on the shift instead of giving up seniority for stripes and bad days off.


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          Now that you have taken the test twice you have a good idea what it is all about. So, advance your education, STUDY HARD for the next test and STUDY HARD for the next test!

          That should improve your final results and put you in contention. Don't depend on your past experience for the test. Experience counts when you have to make decisions - not when you have to take a test!!!

          Good luck!!

          By the way, how often have you heard the troops complain about those who have promoted into administrative ranks and have no road experience? That is always the way it is!!!!
          Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence!

          [George Washington (1732 - 1799)]


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            You're right about the Admin, I even say it myself. Our PD changes up the test every time with new or different material on every test. Thanks for letting me vent.


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