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LASD take over of smaller agencies How does seniority work for retained officers?


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  • LASD take over of smaller agencies How does seniority work for retained officers?

    My question is for any deputy who may have worked for the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, or for those who may know from other agencies, during a time that the LASD took over LE duties for cities who no longer wanted to pay for their own police department. For instance when the city of Compton disbanded their department and contracted with the LASD to take over LE duties. I understand everyone is not always retained but for those who are, do they keep any of the seniority they had at their old agency or are they considered new hires for days off, assignments, etc? Does the LASD deputy association's CBA address this situation?

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    Very good question. I've been wondering how LASD is handling this patchwork quilt of jurisdictions.


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      When LASD takes over for the most part you start at zero as far as Department seniority. In the example of the old Office of Public Safety, aka County Police since we were county employees we kept that seniority. As far as Sheriff seniority that date was when you cane over. I knew guys with 10 years on the job. So he had 3 weeks vacation but got last round of signs up because of his Department seniority. As far as longevity pay that starts with years if Sheriff department seniority.

      The guys from Maywood-Cudahay PD came over day one Deputies. Zero seniority. MCPD and County Police guys did get step placement based on experience or POST certificates that's about it. While MCPD started from scratch for vacation, sick times earned the County guys had there's transferred over. We all had to do LASD level of training for force, firearms and Jail Ops.

      Only folks that came over with any thing were County Police Captains and above. They came over as LASD Sgts. That was based on their pay and an agreement with the County and Department. I think there was something in place with a fee Compton guys. Nothing in place with MCPD.

      ALADS doesn't care about such issues. Think about it they are get a few new members compared to the thousands of deputies.
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        Thanks for the info.


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