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    My department is looking at changing our current uniforms (navy blue, metal badge and name plate, traditional trousers, very classic LAPD style). Most of the patrol members want sewn on badges and names, BDU style shirts and pants, and nylon duty gear (as opposed to our Uncle Mike's Mirage). In general we would like to be more tactical and practical and opposed to traditional and pleasing to the eye of the public. What is your opinion and what does your current department wear in the way of uniforms and duty gear. Thanks for your input and stay safe!

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    Our patrol officers wear the normal blue striped pants with a blue shirt. Metal badges, collar pins and name plates. We wear basketweave on day shift and night can wear that or nylon. I don't think it's going to change any time soon here.

    My bud who works for another municipality just went to what your talking about with the sewn on collar, name and badge with bdu style pants with stripe. Also using the nylon and they all love it.

    I would not mind having the normal uni for days and the bdu style at night.


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      5.11 class B's have a nice traditional look but not function. The function very much like BDU's.

      With that said my dept wears the classic nebraska sheriff's uniform. Brown shirt, pink tan pants with a brown stripe, metal everything topped off by that stylish campaign hat. We were basketweave duty gear in black also.
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        I'm sort of old school on this. Some agencies around me have gone to the BDU style uniforms and for the most part they look like crap after a short amount of time. I know some officers take better care of their uniforms than others but still. I like our uniforms which haven't changed too much over the last 50 years. You just have to decide if you want to sacrifice look over function. Our K9 teams and crime scene do wear the BDU uniforms and the just don't look as sharp. Our uniforms are different than others around us (grey shirt with dark green trousers with grey stripe) and very identifiable.


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          we have both styles it just depends on what were going to be doing that day as to what we wear i had rather have the bdu style just for the simple fact of comfort and usfulness.
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            most agencies in so CA prefer the traditional "public oriented" look, which you described. only special units can wear the bdus,sewn on name/badge, etc... (SWAT, K9, Gangs,etc)... patrol officers/deputies wear the regular uniforms. althought nylon is an option.

            if i had a choice, i'd like to wear jeans, tennis shoes, and a polo shirt. of course that would look totally unprofessional for a patrolman....


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              My department recently tried to go to a more practical uniform, but were shot down. The best compromise we got with our admin was to go with "internal cargo pockets", basically enlarged flashlight/sap pockets on the center of our trouser legs and the requirements of a specific changeover date from long/short sleeves eliminated. They also eliminated the requirement for a turtleneck or tie with our long sleeve shirts.

              Around here, we are the ONLY department in the county to not be allowed to wear some type of cargo pant and blend material uniforms. Most wear 5.11 or StreetGear by Blauer uniforms with some wearing poly/cotton shirts with ripstop navy blue bdu pants. Personally, I really like the 5.11 uniforms (specifically class B) and have heard excellent things from numerous other departments wearing those. I am definately not in favor of the sewn on badges/name strips/etc. I really like the look of the metal accessories.

              To make your proposal more successful, really drive for a compromise, rather than going all the way with the sewn on stuff and accessories.

              I know that Madison, WI PD has a pretty liberal uniform policy allowing BDU pants with their navy blue shirts and also allowing shorts and a wide variety of options as far as manufacturers and equipment options. They don't, however, allow the sewn on badges and names. They're policy manual is on their website if you're interested.
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                I'm on a Chicago, IL. Suburb. Most Depts. around here are more "tactical" minded. Function over fashion. I wear dark blue shirt, dark blue "cargo" pant (Class B). Black exterior vest cover with sewn on badge and name. You can also put your radio, mags, spray, etc. on the vest if you want. Also all nylon duty gear. I think we look professional, and the uniform is highly functional. We don't have any "decorative" crap on us that can get us hurt or killed. We don't look like we are the Color Guard like some PD's I have seen. I like it, the "good" public doesn't seem to care and the "bad" public knows the beat down is coming


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                  Look at the NYPD's uniform..its a blend of both tactical/comfort and still pleasing to the public..we wear tactical cargo pants, with a short sleeve shirt and in the winter months, we can wear a turtleneck, L/S shirt or a combination of both..and most guys wear leather..some guys wear nylon or a little of both. I wear a nylon belt with leather accessories..


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                    I personally think the more traditional look is better. I'm not a fan of sewn on badges and name tapes for patrol officers. I don't think it looks very good and if I was an Admin, I would avoid it unless the need for practicality outweighs the need for looks (such as K9 or Special Ops)

                    My department wears "LAPD Blue" uniforms with the traditional metal badge and name plate. We're allowed to wear nylon, leather (basketweave only, not smooth), or whatever else we want as far as belts go. We're allowed thigh rigs for our tasers, which looks okay


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                      You cant go wrong with light blue tees,
                      And Navy Pants!, quite formal, and very friendly colors!
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                        Originally posted by NorwichGrad05 View Post
                        Look at the NYPD's uniform..its a blend of both tactical/comfort and still pleasing to the public..we wear tactical cargo pants, with a short sleeve shirt and in the winter months, we can wear a turtleneck, L/S shirt or a combination of both
                        MPD (Washington DC) does that as well.....plus have a few other combos....and it looks ok....and seems to look like it works.....

                        Last (3) places I worked wore traditional style uniforms with leather gear. Last place let Mids go to Dark Blue 5.11 polos (with embrodered badge), regular duty pants (with royal blue stripe down the side), and nylon gear. We had to purchase it.....but we all did and it worked out well for us......
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                          We're a small TX agency - just a handful of officers. It's pretty relaxed, I think we all wear cargo-type pants. As far as shirts go, we have the traditional look or an "alternative" shirt, a polo with everything sewn on and "POLICE" on the back. I'm the only one who hasn't broken down and bought some. Just can't afford it right now.
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                            We look "pretty" in our "day" uniform, metal badges/name tags, leadership ribbons (if attended) and all sorts of "Bling". Our night uniforms are more laid back with the patches for the badge/name tag and department patch. The pants are the cargo type but they are not buying any right now, so if you can't fit into someone who left then you wear the day pants. Department is about 150 big but the budget seems to get shot to hell 3 months into the fiscal year. We have Admin who think "If you 'look good', then you 'are good' mentality. I wouldn't mind the cargo pants so much but after being in the military for 25 years the fun is worn out but the comfort is all there.
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                              Were a small city department (about 30 officers). We where traditional navy blue with metal badges and name plates. We can wear polyester or cotton blend with BDU pockets. Nylon or leather is optional as well. We dont have to wear turtlenecks in the winter but most of us do.
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