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Have You Interacted With Officers/Deputies/Troopers That Have Disgraced The Badge?


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    Hmm, there was DeCop/YankeeWhite/LordJack on this forum...
    I don't answer recruitment messages....


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      Lets see....

      A former radio car partner is doing life for premeditated murder

      A couple of former supervisors are either in or have just gotten out of Club Fed after the little brouhaha between my agency and Federal BS Incorporated

      An academy classmate got hooked on pain meds and got hooked for multiple burglaries

      Several others I worked with got fired behind drugs and other bad decisions
      The posts on this forum by this poster are of his personal opinion, and his personal opinion alone

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        There are some people who have been fired for certain reasons that I would sit down and buy a beer and some who I work with who I wouldn’t lend them a penny. Goes to show you it’s the character of a person not always the situation.


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          I did however have a kid in my academy class get arrested for assault on female.


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            Let's see how my old memory is these days.

            Does it count if I include a couple of cops capping for bail bondsmen, collecting a kickback fee on referrals?

            Should I include two cops who burglarized businesses in their patrol districts, both on duty and off duty?

            Maybe I should include a cop who spotted abandoned cars for a towing company to take to a metal recycling plant?

            Does the guy who falsified fingerprint evidence (using Xerox copies and print lifting tape) qualify?

            How about the detective who ran his side business on duty time for several years?

            Or the cop who bought gold jewelry (and dental gold fillings, bridgework, etc) from a mortuary employee and sold it?

            OK, yeah, I worked internal investigations for a couple of years, then I was a police chief for several years. None of those guys hang around my usual places so I don't have to deal with them anymore.


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              Having done this here Policing thing for a good long time, I would say that politeness costs nothing. Several members of my entry class have been dismissed for cause, one has gone to prison (for shaking down motorists). I wouldn't be planning to set up a business with the latter but he has done his time and I wouldn't see any reason to be pointlessly rude should I bump into him. There are also several legal defence representatives who turn out to represent people in custody who I knew when they were on the job but who were dismissed (mostly for DUI). Again, they've done their bit. I like them, we joke around but I never forget they've taken their 30 pieces of silver.
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                Before I left BOP fir my current agency there was a LT that was rumored to be involved with bringing in drugs to inmates. Officially he was burning his sick leave before retirement, was no longer working there but still a BOP employee. I worked control and issued his keys on a daily basis so although I never spoke to him he knew my face. After he was on the previously mentioned leave I saw him at Home Depot, he looked right at me, turned around, and walked away. I had given him he benefit of the doubt because everything was just a rumor at that point. Once he did that I knew it wasn't a rumor at all. About a month later he was indicted for his crimes.


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                  Originally posted by Jim1648 View Post
                  I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I have realized I don't forgive or forget very easily.

                  Yesterday, I was my local fitness club. I saw a woman that worked at the agency I retired from. The quick version on her is she was promoted to sergeant over others that were more qualified. She then left our agency to go to the state as a sworn investigator. A couple of weeks later, both her and her husband, who had left law enforcement earlier, where charged with felony theft by swindle.

                  Perhaps I should be more understanding, but I basically didn't even acknowledge her and left the area.

                  Anyway, I am sure that others here have dealt with similar issues. How do you deal with it?
                  You did the right thing in the gym.
                  The idiots like that whom I knew are nowhere near me, so I do not have that situation to deal with, but hopefully I would do as you did.
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