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knee surgery and the job?


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  • knee surgery and the job?

    Hey guys.

    I work in uniform patrol and I am a member of our services part time emergency response team.

    In my younger days I played alot of higher level football, and surprisingly never had a serious injury, especially to my knees (lucky me!), that is until last summer when I played on our depts not so competitive city rep soccer team when I blew out my ACL ligament in my knee. I have already had 1 scope where they cut out a good chunk of cartilege that I tore up, and this week I go for ACL reconstruction...yikes, and ouch! but I am tired of wearing a knee brace at work and having a very loose and wobbly knee. I really havent been able to jog or run hard on it since my injury, and it has sapped my strength.

    My question to my brothers and sisters in uniform is have any of you had this surgery and has it affected your on the job physical performance in a negative or positive way??, any opinion/experience or input would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks just a little nervous
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    Had knee surgery about 4 years ago. No problems. I made sure to follow the rehab directions and was back to work in about 30 days.
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      Knee Surgery

      Haven't had the surgery. From what I hear though, both the surgery, and the rehab have made major strides. Quick note on rehab. I had tripple by-pass heart surgery eight years ago. Went to post surgery cardiac rehab. Remained on active LE for six more years prior to retirement. Still hit the gym four to five times a week. Do cardio stuff, obviously, but quite a bit of pumping iron as well. Bottom line: Both surgery and rehab are light years ahead of where they were 15-20 years ago. Best of luck to you.


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        You think an ACL is bad try the LCL that sucked. Anyways, shouldn't be a problem just take care of it. A little known fact is have a good diet during rehab and continue with it for obvious reasons. Some may scoof but I think it's important.
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        I still think troopers and deputies who work in the middle of no where with essentially no back up are the 'men among men' of the LEO world.
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          I wass surprised at how many people at my department who have had that done.

          I tore mine and just had the reconstruction 3 months ago. I am still in pt and not yet back to full duty. Plan on 4 to 6 months of pt before you are back to the road. They tell me it can be up to a year before it really feels normal.

          It starts out really stiff and painful. You have to work just to regain the flexibility after surgery. Then they start working on strength. Definitely not a quick fix, but you are right; get it fixed and make that leg stable again.

          Good luck with it. I know I cant wait to get off desk duty and back out in the car myself.


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            I had ACL reconstruction in June 2005. Kabal is right. I am a quick healer and starting running again after three months. Flexibility is a problem at first. I still cannot squat as far on my left knee as the right and have to do a modified squat when I am trying to tie my shoes, etc.

            Just make sure you do the PT and do it right. Also, make sure your PT is somewhat aggressive so that you can get back out on the streets faster.

            Good luck and stay safe.
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              The local recruiting officer just came out of Knee surgery, he still does Beat&Patrol work sometimes.
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                Hey guys, thanks for the info.

                I had the surgery a week ago yesterday, the surgeon that did it, well this is all he does. I was going under anesthetic at 0845 and I woke up in the recovery room at 1000 hrs! I couldn't believe it!

                Anyway he said the graft and everything went great, I have had my 1st followup appointment, and things look good. I am off crutches and walking gingerly. I did my 1st physio today and have over 90 degrees of motion in the joint which apparently is way ahead of schedule so my physio guy started me on strengthening exercises. I should be off pain meds by the end of next week, those percs are a killer, can't see how anyone could get hooked on em they make me wanna puke! but they do kill the pain.

                Thanks for the info, and hopefully I can enjoy a few beer on the patio while off sick for the next couple of months rehabbing now that the nice weather is finally here!

                Play safe guys, I'll be back in the game soon!
                Play hard, play fair, and above all play safe!


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                  Did you have a cadaver tendon put in or a graft of another ligament/tendon?


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