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  • orangebottle
    I'm a long way from retirement myself, but know plenty of people that have done so. Some options I've seen that seem to make the retirees happy:

    - Retail sales at a local hunting/fishing/outdoors/firearms store (pretty popular around here, though several complain of spending their paychecks before they walk out the door)
    - Secret shopper for hotels/motels -- basically get paid to take vacations
    - Work part-time for another department. This one's pretty popular, as it allows retirees to keep their foot in the LE door and a lot of smaller departments (i.e., not much going on) like hiring part-timers they can trust and don't have to train.
    - Working claims or subrogation investigations for an insurance company
    - Doing backgrounds as a Deputy Assistant Special Agent for US State Department
    - Cable TV investigator - find people who are stealing cable, build a case report that is handed over for LE so they can pretty much copy-and-paste into charging documents. The guy I know that did this said it was more about building the relationships with the departments so they'd follow through with the paperwork. He had a nice expense budget.

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  • Iowa #1603
    Six months after I retired I landed a part time gig doing Court Security and Inmate Transport for my local sheriff. I work when I want. The job has morphed into a bit more responsibility but I still can say no if I get called into work........I just have to find someone else in our division to do the job.

    I worked for TEN DAYS for a regional armored car company right after I pulled the plug. 10 LONG DAYS before I told them they couldn't pay me enough to work for them anymore

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  • Ratatatat
    A post-retirement job to consider: timeshare salesman.

    Last time I was in South Lake Tahoe, walking about with my wife, when someone approaches us and offers a voucher for a free $100 dinner at Sammy Hagar’s tequila cantina if we watch a brief video about buying a timeshare.

    We had nowhere specific to be and a free dinner sounded great so we said yes. Within a few minutes we were in a windowless room watching a slick production about how we could own a vacation timeshare with Marriot for only $14,999 and $1,500 annual fees in easy monthly payments. Then we would get a week of vacation at one of their resorts around the world and if we could upgrade to higher plans if we ever wanted exclusive VIP treatment. The only catch was it was a limited offer so we needed to cough up $500 then and there if we wanted to take advantage of this exceptional offer.

    Well, since we aren’t really the resort vacation type, we politely declined and asked to leave. The salesman got red-faced and kept saying things like “what can I do to show you what a great deal this is?” I told him his little Jedi mind tricks were not working and we just wanted to leave. He said the sales manager needed to talk to us first and twenty minutes later, a new guy shows up. The high pressure spchiel then really kicked in- basically how stupid we would be if we walked away from this offer. By now it’s been an hour and a half of this stuff and I started to lose my patience. We demanded to leave and the sales guy and his manager were like okay, you a-holes can leave now and showed us to the exit. We walked over to Sammy Hagar’s cantina and the meal tasted like aluminum and ash because we were so irritated.

    Anyways, timeshare sales is probably a great post-LE gig because we’re already used to convincing people to buy into something that’s probably not high on their list of things to do, namely admissions or getting handcuffed.

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  • PeteBroccolo
    I retired 8 years ago as of Dec 29 this year, after 35 years of service, all in uniform on General Duty and HP / Traffic Services.

    39+ years ago, I became very involved with the Roman Catholic Church - was a from-the-cradle-but-lax RC, but my girlfriend (now wife - 38+ years, and your sympathy for her is appreciated!) and her family were VERY involved, so I followed suit, and have continued (Scripture reader, Communion assistant, Psalmist soloist).

    30+ years ago, I joined the Knights of Columbus, for which I have held various positions, including 2 currently.

    20+ years, I began working, on contract, as a bar tender at our Church hall (can be rented by anyone, for any event, but if they have a liquor permit they MUST hire our bar tenders, whom are paid via the rental contract), plus 4 years ago took over as Bar Staff Co-Ordinator. I recently gave up the Co-Ordinator position, and have not worked many events, due to my current employment.

    ~ 20 years ago, I joined the local amateur theatre group, where I have been an actor, director, helped build sets, and back-stage crew. My last show was Christmas 2017, as our group has slowed down.

    9 years ago joined my Veterans Association, so occasionally attend out-of-town dinner meetings, or perform ceremonial duties in authorized dress uniform, such as Remembrance Day, or attending Academy Troop Graduation stag dinners to tell the newbies lies.

    4+ years ago began volunteering with our hospital, delivering Meals-On-Wheels to shut-ins (gratis, using my vehicle), chauffeuring wheelchair-bound nursing home residents to local appointments (gratis, using a support Agency owned modified van), sitting on an advisory committee (gratis), or chauffeuring clients to out-of-town appointments (paid by the clients, using my, or their, vehicle). I have not been active due to my current employment.

    Beyond the above in order since retirement:
    - 2 weeks of slackness;
    - - we had heavy snow storms, but my son had a yard tractor with a plow, so I cleared my and my neighbours driveways;
    - 6 months of casual Communications Officer / Dispatcher / Clerk for the Municipal Police Service;
    - - they used the same records management system as my Force, but too quiet and I hated sitting behind a desk;
    - 7 months full-time as Site Supervisor / Security Officer for G4S (unarmed) for access control an safety policy monitoring at a steel plant;
    - - it was in another place over an hour drive away. My wife and I considered moving. I commuted for 3 months, and house-sat for snowbirds for the other 4. My position had been unfilled for almost 2 years due to contract negotiation problems. I had 18 subordinates, some of whom had not completed HS, and whom had worked for MULTIPLE Security companies at this site. Some of the plant staff (production AND admin) treated my staff like the abused partner in a bad domestic situation until I got settled and got that stopped;
    - 2.5 years full-time as a Warehouse Associate at a local outlet of a large Canadian chain store;
    - - I HATED living apart from my wife, and my Mom, who lived in another Province, got the "c" diagnosis, so I quit the security gig to be able to go as I need to. Wife said I had to keep busy. I liked throwing around stuff as well as, or better, than the younger staff, but a manager got under my skin, so I moved on;
    - 3 weeks full-time as a Florist delivery driver / shipper-receiver;
    - - Duties included prepping flower shipments for storage in the cooler. I HATE cutting my own lawn, let alone tending flowers, so I gave notice;
    - 6 months full-time as a Warehouse Associate for Walmart;
    - - Bad pay. Crappy shift. Worked with kids who would NOT get off the Internet on their phones during shift. Manager gave ME shit for giving the kids shit. BIG mistake!;
    - 6 months casual Customer Service Representative at a bank;
    - - BORING! Plus it was ironic, as my wife did NOT want me sitting at home on the computer all day!;
    - 3 months casual as Assistant to Returning Officer for the Provincial (kind-of like a State) Election;
    - - Fun, despite being a bit nuts on election night;
    - 6 months full-time as Customer Shuttle / Parts driver for the Chrysler dealer;
    - - I could walk to work (2 blocks). M to F. 7:30-ish AM to 5-ish PM. Great pay. Other than tires, and having to haul them to a 2nd floor (had a conveyor belt, but narrow), nothing too heavy to lift. Lots of conflicting duties, however, plus the Head Mechanic was an idiot;
    - 1 year full-time as a Warehouse Associate at a local outlet of a large Canadian chain store;
    - - Same place that I was at for 2.5 years above, and still there.

    I walked away with a 70% pension-for-life, plus health benefits, plus a severance package that I transferred (tax-free) into a tax-free retirement savings plan. My wife was a stay-at-home mom (former RN) as of 1986 for our 5 kids, but got back into the work force almost 20 years ago, and is currently a full-time Office Manager for a North American chain funeral home.

    My wife and I hired one company to renovate the main floor, and a 2nd company to replace all 3 garage bay doors, of our home, so we are both working to pay those bills off, as well as travel occasionally, and spoil our grand-kids.

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  • Ratatatat
    I recently saw a job advertisement with "WANTED: FORMER POLICE AND FIREFIGHTERS" in bold letters. Further reading revealed it was for an organ harvest service, and the job entailed driving a van to local morgues and funeral homes, picking up the recently deceased, then driving the dead to the organ donor place where surgical technicians remove parts and pieces. I reckon they figure former LE and Fire are more responsible drivers and more likely to get the cadavers there in one piece.

    Anyways, pay started at $25 an hour, which isn't too shabby, and you wouldn't have to put up with much lip from people, unlike a security officer gig that pays half that much....

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  • hpclayto
    Hell im thinking of new careers before retirement.

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  • SHU
    started a topic Careers after retirement?

    Careers after retirement?

    Is anyone planning on what they will do next after retirement? Have you retired in the past few years and started a new profession? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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