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What is the coolest light bar you have seen?


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  • What is the coolest light bar you have seen?

    If you were able to choose whatever light bar you wanted for your patrol car what would you pick? The best one I have seen so far is the Blade by Tomar.


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    The one that you just posted...cherries and berries disco fever, baby!
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      I about got clipped a few times and people said "It's hard to see you." I'd have to beat their butts if they don't see this light bar.
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        I always liked the Federal Aerodynic, but the Jetsonic was pretty cool, too.
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          The federal legend is an awesome lightbar. Great patterns and insanly bright.


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            Federal Signal's Arjent is pretty sweet, especially with the upgrade takedown and alley lights.

            I remember reading somewhere that the Whelen LED's are the brightest of the available LED's. The lowprofile Whelens are pretty popular around here, not bad looking.
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              We use the Whelen LED light bar that thing is as bright as fire and just a little less brighter then a flare.

              People see that thing from a mile away.


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                Originally posted by LATIN COP
                We use the Whelen LED light bar that thing is as bright as fire and just a little less brighter then a flare.

                People see that thing from a mile away.
                I assume you're talking about the Liberty? Every patrol car here is outfitted with them, they're bright as hell. Like you said, you can literally see them from a mile away. I even prefer them over Tomar Blades, they are brighter if I recall.
                Here's a video of the Whelen Liberty.


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                  Whelen Liberty is my favorite lightbar

                  I always thought the Whelen "Hi-rise" was an interesting lightbar as well

                  My favorite of all time would probably be the Whelen Fast-trax system


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                    I like the Whelen Liberty on the car I use


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                      I have a 911EP, very thin and bright and has a console mounted switch to change flash patterns. Also has directional rears.
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                        The coolest lightbar is the one I will have on my new squad if the guy ever gets the doggone thing put togethor!
                        It's an led and I have seen it in action on the other cars that just came in. It is sweet. Not sure what the brand name is but I will post it when I pick up my ride. Hopefully it will be done in the next few days. Realistically it wont be done til my 10-42 time on thursday morning. That is when I start my 3 days off.
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