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Would u ticket a cops wife?


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  • Would u ticket a cops wife?

    About a month ago, my wife received a ticket from a Police Officer that works for a PD in the same county that I work for. I live in his city/zone and have always had positive interatctions with the guys from his agency.

    He ticketed my wife around the corner from my house. My wife was wrong, should not have been speeding, and realizes that. She went to driving school and paid the ticket. This was her first ticket...ever. Additionally, I know my wife's demeanor, she is not rude, very nice, and EXTREMELY respectful of Law Enforcement.

    Here is what kills me. During the stop, my wife apologized and stated that her husband (me) is an Officer for (a neighboring agency). He then stated, "Well, they gave me a ticket 2 weeks ago, License please." Perhaps that was his sarcasm.

    Recently, I found it that it was not sarcasm. One of our Officer's really did cite him. I can't understand why the Officer cited him, but she did. I also found out, through credible sources, that he bragged about getting my agency back by ticketing my wife and was quite pleased with himself.

    What the #[email protected]! happened to Law Enforcement looking out for each other, in situations where we are allowed to excercise discretion??? The Officer that works for my agency was wrong. But revenge on a fellow cops wife is unacceptable...sad thing is I don't even know the Officer who cited him (my agency is fairly large).

    Where I started out my career (South Florida), we look out for each other. We all put our lives on the line daily, doing the same job. This is one thing that we get in return. A blue line.

    Would you ticket a cop and/or a cops wife?

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    Originally posted by LHPCop

    Would you ticket a cop and/or a cops wife?
    *sigh* Here we go again.

    If the contact began with..."I'm an off duty cop, here's my d*** badge, can I go now?" or "my husband/wife is a cop, what the h*** do you want" Then the answer would be heck yes. If the stops were civil and polite, and I was able to verify the identity of an off duty cop's wife, then the answer would be no.

    Good luck with that ticket war. There have been some really ugly ones here in CA
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      What comes around goes around.

      I dont care if they flash the badge and say what the hell do you want. ill confirm their employment and send them on their way. i might stand there and tune em up a bit, but I will not write them a ticket. No cop or cops wife can damage my delicate ego enough by being a bit rude or stupid to cause me to create the backlash that a ticket will cause. its just a ticket, not worth negative relations with a brother agency.

      pretty evident that the ticket that cop got caused a backlash. now your poorer and yours wifes sparkeling driving history is blemished.

      LE is going to hell, not because the job is harder or because we have worse criminals, but because the recruited are dumber. One of the 30 years cops who retired prior to my current deployment once told me he never in 30 years even thought about messing with a cop over a traffic incident. This is a guy who put a police captain in jail for DV and ended up losing his job over it for 2 years. Somethings are a requirement, some are just silly.

      Disclaimer: the above generalization is just a generalization. if it offends you because your new to LE then your probably one of the stupid ones.
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        Thats just wrong! I hope we dont start that crap with our pd
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            No. I wouldn't.
            What Delta said x2


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              Can't say that I would write the ticket. But maybe if you have a talk with some of the cops that work with this guy they can at least straighten him out. Its not worth the aggarvation for you to worry about this anymore though, try to move on.

              Good luck and stay safe.
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                Originally posted by 1042 Trooper

                same topic different thread! If I know you're a leo's wife/husband then, using MY DISCRETION, NO TICKET. If he/she is a total b****/a**h*** then you get a TICKET. If the spouse gets a hold of me then we'll talk.
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                  I once wrote a ticket to an officer's wife, and when I went back to the car, I saw her little junior badge attached to her wallet. I was very embarrassed and ashamed, and apologized to her, and asked her to apologize to her husband for me. Needless to say, I took care of it.

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                    How coincidental. I just stopped an officer's wife two weeks ago.
                    She's a nice lady and married to a jerk who would write another cop.
                    I let her go with a verbal warning.


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                      Ticket wars between agencies, suck, it's that one upmanship that makes it even more ridiculous. By the end of it, the reason it even started will be forgotten.

                      to answer your question. No! I never did.......period
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                        My wife was just issued a cite the other day for speeding by a CHP Officer. She dropped the "My husband's a cop, he's gonna be ****ed at me" line, but the Chippie didn't bite. He scratched the ticket and off she went.

                        I told her it's not a guarantee that she'll ever get out of a ticket but it doesn't hurt to try

                        My department has had several ticket wars with the CHP over the years. I'm not going to start one over this incident.


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                          Same as before. You know they're in the family, discretion prevails.... of course if it means your job, and they are stupid enough to put themselves and you in a irreversable predicament... but a simple pro active traffic stop... see ya, drive safe!
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                            How does a PO identify a cop's wife?


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                              Originally posted by LeanG
                              I once wrote a ticket to an officer's wife, and when I went back to the car, I saw her little junior badge attached to her wallet. I was very embarrassed and ashamed, and apologized to her, and asked her to apologize to her husband for me. Needless to say, I took care of it.

                              Thats great. you did the right thing.

                              I dont understand why a women being a bit snippy about getting pulled over is such a big slap in the face to some cops. Its a women, you should expect it.

                              Cop wife ID is simple. She'll tell ya. If she doesnt its her own fault and you can take care f it when her husband calls.
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