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    Originally posted by Tunkle View Post
    The constables here in SC can only ride with a certified officer. I know different states have different requirements but ours were suspended for a good time because the department they work with has to have insurance to cover them. They cannot act alone and must be in the presence of a certified fulltime officer.

    We had one cat who thought he was a big time LEO and put his 38 revolver in his back pocket. When he jumped out of his truck, if fell out and shot him in the leg. I can't believe they still allow him to be a constable.

    I don't think this is correct since I know atleast 2 SC Constables that are fulltime at Clemson and USC. They have a car and gun, and badge.... they ARE the Police. 100% fulltime officers... they attended the Academy with me.
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      Originally posted by Tmg View Post
      To keep it simple. In Texas a constable is the guy who handles civil matters.

      On a side note. Dallas has a constable that created a traffic unit. It was all over the news. He just made a special unit just for traffic enforcement.
      No, no, no. A Constable's PRIMARY duty is serving of civil process and assisting the JP courts with all matters of business. However, the Constable CAN enforce all the same laws as any other Texas Peace Officer. If he wants to have a traffic unit, SWAT, whatever, that's his decision (provided the Commissioners provide him with adequate funding). If his constiuents don't like it, they can vote him out of office.
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        We do not have constables here. I grew up in TX, and they have them there, in fact my brother was a deputy constable in Houston for 8 years. In TX in small counties they serve lower courts papers, provide security for those courts ( usually justice of the peace ) but they are law enforcement officers. In larger counties, like Houston for instance, the one precinct my brother worked for had an 80 member patrol division. Counties in TX are divided into precincts, usually 4, each precinct has a constable and justice of the peace ( who rules on causes of death, can you believe that? ) In most states the sheriff does what the constable does, plus what the sheriff does. It's mostly a duplication, but in some cases that isn't all bad. They don't write tickets in other states, though.


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          KS abolished the office of constable in the 60s. I believe that Paul Harvey was once elected constable in KS.
          That's what they do, it's a trailer park.


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            That is kool, I never knew Paul Harvey was a constable here. I was here in the late 60's. I do not remember constables, but I do remember marshals of the court of Topeka. Everyone except the criminals, almost, was a deputy marshal of the court of Topeka. They did away with that, and most everyone over 21 was a special deputy sheriff. Myself included. If commissioned you could carry a firearm, and since that was before state mandated training it seemed like you were either a criminal ( we call them pukes ) a special deputy, or a full time officer. Eventually the state organized a law enforcement training center, and did away with the good old boy system. Law enforcement officers had to attend the academy and pass before they were certified law enforcement officers. We also have to have 40 hours of in service training yearly, and this had to be reported to the state. I went in 1975, the academy was 5 weeks. Now it is over 10 weeks and far from the mellow atmosphere it was when I went. Law enforcement is truly professional now, but I know they don't have the fun we used to.


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              Originally posted by Gene L View Post
              A long time ago, I was a constable in GA. I don't think they have that position any more. I was appointed by a Justice of the Peace, another office which has gone by the wayside.

              My job was to serve civil papers issued by the JP. Got a buddy in Texas (haven't heard from him in a long time, hope he's still around) who was a Constable in a jurisdiction within a city...he explained, but I never understood it. He was a LEO, I think. Limited jurisdiction as I understood it.

              There are very tight restrictions on radar in GA, because of past speed traps. The State issues all radar permits, and you have to go thru training and certification, either once a year or once every two years.

              Also, a local PD or deputy can't ticket for anything under 11 MPH over, I think is the rule. The State Patrol can, but seldom do.

              And the Dept. of Public Safety engineers must survey and approve all roads where radar is used. Lots of regs apply; slope, grade, and others. Can't run radar a certain distance from a speed reduction sign, and the radar car must be visible for 500 feet.

              It doesn't slow anyone down, however. My Office allows at least 15 over, and we could write tickets all day long. Usually, it's 18 over except in school zones or such.

              I guess different states have different laws. Good ol' Lester Maddox, (a few of you might remember him as one of the last segregationists) hated speed traps, and once, in Ludiwici, GA, actually sent the State Patrol down there to warn motorists about their speed trap. And put up billboards, at the State's expense, warning of speed traps.
              GA still has the title of Constable on the books, but the code specifically states that a Constable is not a peace officer. They can be appointed by the Magistrate Court if the office is created via local legislation. They can only execute warrants and serve papers from the Magistrate Court.

              I don't know of any Constables currently in existence. There very well may be a few. I just don't know of any.

              You are correct about the speed detection permits. The state takes those very seriously. There is even a bill before the legislature this session aiming to make it illegal for municipal police to run speed detection on interstate highways.

              Also, part time officers may not be certified to run speed detection. Local officers may ticket for 1 over in a marked school or residential district.


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                Originally posted by SPD_404 View Post
                Okay we have a guy in my county who has been a constable for about 4 years. The guy absolutely hates speeding. I mean it really disturbs him when he catches someone speeding. I'm not talking about just insane speeding, I mean 5 to 10 over the limit and he gets in an uproar. Here is the interesting and sad part. When he got elected, he went out and bought his own radar unit. Now keep in mind that he is a constable and technically he can effect traffic stops although it is frowned upon. Now effecting a traffic stop as constable in your own county is one thing. But imagine a constable from Tennessee attempting to pull over a car in Mississippii! No, he did not chase the car into the other state, he lit it up in that state! Not only that, he's done more than once. That is the funny part. The sad part is that no matter how many times he has been told not to do that, he simply cannot understand why he cant. I mean it simply does not register in his mind that he is a TN constable. It is competely mind boggling! Now I'm a cop and I am very pro police. If anyone thinks I'm out of line for posting this on here I am open to the bashing. I just figured most of you would find this funny and a wee bit strange. Stay safe.

                Sounds like another candidate for the show "Tool Academy"


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                  Originally posted by Rogerthump View Post
                  No sense in getting the guy fired. Since he is in your area I'm sure you can find a way to find him when your on duty. Strike a casual conversation with the guy and as a fellow public employee let him know that he is itching for trouble and it's in his best interest to stick to what he knows until (and he never will) he can change the laws regarding his position. Encourage the man to apply for Sheriff and remind him that a spotted employment record could screw that up. There is a million and one ways to help a brother out without being a rat.
                  From my understanding, he's been told multiple times not to do what he's doing. The first time, ok...chalk it up to a mistake, educate him on the law and move on. The second time, and subsequent times, are all willful violations of the law, and outside the bounds of his authority. At some point, telling him not to do it needs to stop, and real action needs to be taken. He needs to be 1) removed from office and 2) locked up for something when he's trying to stop people outside his state before he gets himself in a civil rights violation law suit.
                  Originally posted by K40
                  To me, open carry is the equivalent of the couple making out and groping each other at the food court in the mall. Yeah, they are probably legal, as long as they don't start getting undressed. But they are still social retards.
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                    Chasing down a motorist for a traffic infraction in another state? unless its a felon his chasing why is he wasting his time?

                    I will bet 3 cases of beer this guy is a regular traffic offender (speeding)


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                      I am just curious if this guy is going to be elected again. The elections are coming up this year. The constables around my area mainly serve civil process. There are a couple that get out and respond to calls and stop cars, however.
                      That's what they do, it's a trailer park.


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                        If this is all true, this guy has no common sense and shouldn't be policing anyone. Not to mention, he is taking on an awful lot of personal libaility. Who's going to stand behind him if the **** hits the fan on a traffic stop...!
                        Walking the line...all give some...some give all!


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                          Originally posted by SPD_404 View Post
                          Now I'm a cop and I am very pro police.
                          I would hope you are, because you wouldn't you be dangerous if you were not.


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                            This is why they still have constables....


                            Just kidding to anyone from TN...


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                              We know how to use our resources here. Why pay someone, give them benefits and buy equipment when someone will run for office and provide their own equipment?
                              That's what they do, it's a trailer park.


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                                That is a weird law.


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