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    I made my depts. detectives list last year and will be going to investigations on May 5th. I was wondering if anyone had good resource or access sites/training they would recommend.

    thanks, scrubb
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    A good interview/interrogation course will be valuable, so matter which area you get assigned to. John Reid & Associates and Wicklander/Zulawski both have good courses. I know we have all of the Reid courses for 2007 listed on our events calendar at (or just click on the "Calendar" link at the top of this page).
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      Does your unit have a copy of "Practical Aspects of Rape Investigation" by Hazelwood and Burgess?


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        Become well versed in computer investigations - particularly if you are bringing a younger, more internet savvy mind to a bit older of a table. You will find your skills would be well appriciated - even a basic web searching ability can give you a good edge.

        Some good intelligence resources, while you're at it:

        Janes | The trusted source for defence intelligence - Unrivalled defence and security analysis - Military platforms - Threat intelligence - Industry awareness and advisory services

        Documentary sources, analysis and independent criticism of national security intelligence policy from the Federation of American Scientists

        And an especially useful resource regarding white supremacist Security Threat Groups,

        I can comb through my bookmarks and find some more, but those are great basics.
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          I'd buy the season DVD collection of CSI. Just tonight they got a murder suspect confess. Hell, I had a car theft suspect lawyer up. They are wonderful.
          On a serious note: The REID school is awesome and they offer several books (buy them) and attend every interview school you can. I have been the investigator for 3 yerars and still get stuck from time to time. Also, keep your chin up...invetsigations are tough and you will sometimes doubt yourself.


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            If you are required to wear coat and tie, make sure you wear your pistola when you are buying coats or having them tailored. Nothing like getting a jacket that fits just right before you put your gun on...wups.
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              A good online resource is called Accurint. See if your department has an account with them, if not, pursue in getting one.
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                Our department belongs to MOCIC and that investigative tool is very handy.


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