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video of SWAT training backfire


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  • video of SWAT training backfire


    just thought i'd share this video.. i wouldn't disclose the agency, but it's on the website.. so i can't hide it.

    maybe other SWAT guys can chime in if it was a backfire..

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    OOPS! You can hear some of them laughing so it couldn't have been too serious. I'm sure they didn't mean to take out the lights, ceiling ETC. I'll bet some has some explaining to do.
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      That was awesome! LOL. Better they learn how to do a Breach Charge in training and F it up than have it happen on a real call. That's why they say practice makes perfect.


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        That was cool......


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          Oh crap, I would have sharted if I was in that hall.


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            Not really a backfire. They were training on explosive entry. The problem with an interior explosive entry is operators often forget to take "funnelling" into a consideration. When you breach an outer wall, for example, there is plenty of open space for the explosive pressure wave to move out and dissipate. Indoors, the wave concentrates and travels down the corridor. Add in a drop panel ceiling and this is what happens. I'm guessing from watching the video they may have used just a tad too much breaching agent.

            Side note: If you ever get a chance to fire a gun indoors with a drop panel ceiling, do it. Just be ready for some very interesting effects. The relatively small pressure wave of a handgun will cause significant dust and debris to fly. An average sized room will look like its on fire after just one or two shots from all the dust in the air.


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              Wow im glad no one was hurt, I never realized drop down ceilings were so weak.
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