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Do you carry a badge off duty?


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  • Do you carry a badge off duty?

    In your wallet, on your hip or around your neck?

    I just carry my ID and I'm thinking of picking up a badge for my wallet, only problem is I hate a fat wallet!

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    Originally posted by lionheart45
    In your wallet, on your hip or around your neck?

    I just carry my ID and I'm thinking of picking up a badge for my wallet, only problem is I hate a fat wallet!
    I would love to have a fat wallet but DW makes it a point to periodically "deflate" it

    In CA. of cops don't usually carry their badges on chains around their necks. Generally, we carry our ID, and our flat badge, in a separate badge wallet. This way, you don't unintentionally (or intentionally in some cases) "badge" people standing around you while paying for your groceries.
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      I have a flat badge and ID in a seperate wallet, and only carry it when armed, (90% of the time).

      In LA, there was an off-duty offiicer killed because his badge was discovered, There might be more incidents like this, but this is the only one I know of.

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        I bought one of theses: http://www.galls.com/style.html?asso...BC137&cat=2646

        that way it keeps it hidden, plus if i need to display it (so far I've had to at one car crash while on vacation) i can pull it out and attach to my belt or the chain if I have it. I found that the chain gets annoying fast though.


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          We have to carry our ID card and a badge at all time per our policy. I carry just as ex compton cop said. Flat badge wallet separate from everything else. I thought about doing the chain thing, but i think that would get annoying.
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            In the event you have never seen one, a flat badge and case are very thin. Here are some examples


            You can order them through your local uniform store. You must be current or retired LEO and you must have a letter of approval from your Department on Departmental letterhead. Costs run about $50 to $100.
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              i have my regular wallet, then in my other pocket i have a wallet with my badge and ID.


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                By policy, we're only required to have our id with us if we're armed, not necessarily our badge. I carry both when armed. My id is in my wallet in a hidden pouch because we're also required to carry our id when on duty that way I don't have to remember to switch it out. My badge is on a belt clip badge carrier with a neck chain also threaded through it. It goes into my back pocket on jeans or into the back or cargo pocket if wearing cargos. I've had to display on duty about once every six weeks or so and around the neck is the best way, I've found to do that.
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                  flat badge, id in seperate holder. i don't think CA cops where neck chains.. most cops , like detectives, vice, plain clothes... i know where the badge on their belts and gun when not in uniform... must be an east coast thing.

                  but you should read my older post which is similar to this topic


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                    Per Dept policy we have to care our creds with us on and off duty. I always carry off duty and have a badge to back up the gun. I've had to get into several things off duty and pulling a gun with out a badge is not a good idea.

                    I have a badge with my wallet and creds. And if I wear a gun on my hip I wear a badge next to it on a belt clip that also has a neck chain if I decide to wear it that way. I don't like the neck chain, but it works when the badge needs to be out while I'm just walking around. The neck chain gets in the way when in a tactical mode.
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                      flat badge in wallet. I had a call at a topless bar. When I walk in about five co's were sitting around a table with badges in view hanging off their necks on chains. They were from another county. Just brilliant. I am sure the strippers found that sexy
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                        Everytime, clipped to my belt, just in front of my off-duty.
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                          In my wallet it stays... which is usually in my truck.... but this is a small city and born and raised here. Everyone on the local and provincial police know me, but yep I do carry it. I find it is a great place to put my drivers licence behind! lol
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                            It's not my full size shirt badge, it's a minature issued by the department to carry in an issued badge / ID carry case.
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                              i used to carry badge/id separately but i would forget the badge/id alot when leaving the house... so i had to integrate both into the same wallet... didnt feel like being stopped and carrying but no id. i'm not a CCW holder either.


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