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  • Enforcement/Study

    I am trying to put together a proposal for beginning enforcement of IVC/ILCS/Rules of the Road at the institution where I work in Illinois.

    First I am trying to get ideas of simple on or on view violations that would be easy to detect (i.e. Seatbelt, Lighting, Speeding, etc.) without getting into more complex violations like expired registration, etc. Afterwords, I was thinking of setting up a sort of "mini-traffic safety study" trying to get a tally of violations, peak times, percentages, vehicle volume, etc and identify problem areas.

    Also, as far as method of enforcement goes, we have radar availible, and our chief is a fan of LIDAR, but that is an unlikely choice due to the price. I was wondering, what is the cheapest LIDAR unit out there?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    (And I appologize, I am not sworn, but this is the best place to get technical advice without a huge debate and thread hijacking. I really need a clean/clear cut answer! Thanks!)

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    You can do speed measurement with a stopwatch and a measuring tape using a system called VASCAR. There are fancy VASCAR computers, but those two instruments (and maybe a pocket calculator) are all you need. VASCAR also has the advantage of being completely neutral with regard to radar detectors, laser jammers, license plate covers, and the like.
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      i have always been interested in VASCAR, but our limitation is space. Most of our roadways are not exactly straitaways and we are especially trying to look at an area that comes down a steep hill (so steep we have to close it whenever it snows more than a couple inches) and then runs through an area that is very very high in pedestrian traffic. What is the minimum amount of distance you can set up VASCAR markers for an accurate reading?


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