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Dyncorp International Go Or No Go?


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  • Dyncorp International Go Or No Go?

    Does Anyone Know Somebody That Is Currently Working Over Seas In Iraq For D.i.? Or Is Anybody Currently Working Or Have Worked For D.i.? Im In The Background Investigation Process With Them And Have A Potential Deployment Date Coming Up In June. I Would Appreciate Some Heads Up As What To Expect. Thanks Mogsot
    The views I share are my own, and do not represent the opinions of my employing agency.

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    A friend of mine is over there right now (Iraq one), for the second time (he has a habit of loving money). He does the advisor thing...

    I can only relate what he's told me:
    -he works 6 12's, but doesn't care because what else are you going to do?
    -Most nights he falls asleep to the sounds of mortars/bombs.
    -He's actually staying in a hotel.
    -Collectively he's logged almost 2 years, and has only been in real tight spots twice (one bomb went off nearby, and a near miss from a mortar).
    -Cultural differences make it difficult to teach our way of policing.
    -Great networking opportunities.

    Another buddy did the UN Police thing in Kosovo for a year (think that was Dynacorp as well) and actually shagged calls, did investigations etc...said it was a blast. He mentioned that that contract isn't going to be around much longer though...

    Neither of them had bad things to say about the company itself.


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      Friend of mine took several leaves of absence from work to go to Kosovo three times. He loved it. I think he might even come back with a Kosovite wife.


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        One of the guys I worked with back in MO was in Iraq with DynCorp for 3 years. He's going to another company soon.....and headed back over.

        From what he has told me, they paid him on time, he got mail and chow on time, and they really didn't mess with them. They were outside the wire EVERY that is something you might want to think about. They (at least his group) had the choice of going to do the training or stay in the wire based on how the Military was reporting conditions for the day. There were a few times that he didn't go outside the wire for a week at a time due to the violence or expected violence.

        They (his group) were attached to US Army Units and trained Iraqi Police Units.....

        Out of the three years there, he had been mortar'd a few times (both inside and outside of the wire)....and one convoy got hit by a IED and one of his Army buddies got tore up pretty bad......and I think that did effect him a can tell it when you talk to him.....

        But as stated, he's going back over with another company soon.....


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          I worked for them years ago in Bosnia. They honored the contract to the letter, and actually went beyond the contract sometimes. That meant they paid on time, the mail came on time, etc. Times have changed and I am not interested in the work any more, but I would work again for Dyncorp if things were different. My reason for not working for them now is purely family related.

          My partner from Bosnia also went to Timor and Iraq with them. He has told me that they honored the contract to the letter in those locations as well.

          If you go, read the contract carefully. I believe they will honor what is in writing. Do not assume they will do anything that is not in writing. Do not believe anything, from anybody, that is said, only believe what is in the contract.


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            I have an officer employed there now and he's on his third or fourth trip. He makes good money and send us emails advising of all he's done and seen. If i was single I'd be there in a minute.


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              I really appreciate the responses. I'm looking forward to going to Iraq. I hope that everything works out.

              I'll be sure to read the contract closely before I sign.

              If anyone else has some feed back I'd really appreciate it. My wife was glad to hear the responses that have already been given.

              The views I share are my own, and do not represent the opinions of my employing agency.


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                The money is fine, but like my preacher says, "You never see an armored car following a funeral with all the money the person made"


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                  I'm not going for the money. I could make that here with the overtime opportunities that we have. I'm going to help, and for the experience.
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                  The views I share are my own, and do not represent the opinions of my employing agency.


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                    That entire situation isn't changing anytime soon..the only experience to get is **** blowing up around you...I just lost two great friends (an Army Captain and a Sgt.) in the last 4 days..think about it..I understand patriotism..but you can be a patriot right here in the U.S.A.
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                      I know two guys that went to Iraq. Not sure on the company, but as contractors. One came back with a major head wound from a IED. The other came back dead. Something to think about. I admit- if I was single and had no kids, and maybe a little younger I would go in a heart beat. I heard about one or our retired officers who did a couple of tours (not sure where or with whom) and came home and paid cash for a farm!! He's loving life from what I've heard.
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                        I've been thinking about doing it, I just don't have the 8 years. Although there are other companies as well. Any thoughts?


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                          I was over there twice with the military, and I got to know quite a few civ contractors with Dyncorpa and various others. As a whole, civilians have it made over there, as long as you don't drive convoys. There is more than enough money to save and it is a great experience to make you understand how good we have it in the USA.


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                            Originally posted by MOGSOT
                            I'm not going for the money. I could make that here with the overtime opportunities that we have. I'm going to help, and for the experience.

                            I call BS.....Every contractor I know, and i happen to work with more contractors then military, all do it for the money. I buy the help and experience thing. If I started a company and offered you 35,000 USD a year to travel to Iraq and train the people the Military doesnt want to train you would take it right. your doing it for the money. Hell, i volunteered to come over for a second time with the military for the money. I dont make as much, but I can call in close air support when it goes bad and you cant.

                            Dyna is a good company, but there are better companies who pay more and do better stuff. No names, but I was taold about a job offereing 185,000 for 1 year just 4 days ago. 90 days on, 15 off, 90 on, 15 off etc. they pay everything flights for leave, everything. great jobs are out there, most have no family bennies and most will put you in harms way. if you really want to see and do some cool stuff work Protection. Theres no run and gun cowboy crap anymore, like there was in the early part of OEF. All the contractors have been sucked back in and given rules to follow. There are no mercs anymore, most of those guys are dead. I am done with all of it, all though this tour has been fairly cool.
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                              A friend of a friend went two years ago, he said "Damn that was close, they were in a Hummer when the driver was shot in the head, driver fell back into friends lap-some of him anyway. Bob said it was very intense, only you can decide to go or not, I applied and I think because I am over weight and have diabetes they shot my application down. I would go in a heart beat, however I am married with 3 children. I would still go for the training and ability to make a difference, crazy maybe. I am the son of an 82nd Airborne Ranger.My father fought for a good reason(VietNam) I would love to do the same.

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