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SWAT-related storage issues


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  • SWAT-related storage issues

    Are there any SWAT operators that can offer advice on how to best stow my gear in the trunk of my Crown Vic? I'd like to have one storage unit that will hold all my weapons, magazines, BDU's, helmet, knee pads, etc...and maybe even fit a heavy vest. I've seen a lot of homemade ones, but I don't have the resources to make one myself. Any ideas?
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    I'm on a full time SWAT team, usually we ride 2 to 3 to a car or to SUV depending on whose working.

    We removed the spare tire so to have more room. Each cop has thier equipment bag (containing call out gear), helmet bag (riot helmet), long gun (in case), and heavy vest bag (containing heavy vest and PFD), and riot baton.

    The way we load out is the heavy vests go on the small shelf in the trunk (where the spare tire used to be) equipment bags go on the bottom of the trunk, rifles (next) riot control on the side and team equipment where we can fit them. Each car will have certain team equipment in the cars.


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      We have our own take home cars C. vics. Storage is difficult to say the least. I seem to have the most with sheild and breaching equipment and such. Not to mention air pack and all the other crap they think we need (which we dont) Guess its better to have and never use and not have if you ever need it. Anyway, I use my old military bags to keep most of my stuff in. Flight bags are very helpful with the small stuff. Some of the guys have gone to cabinet makers and had things made for them and it was cheap as they got a discount for from the owner. Our Dept wont pay for crap. maybe this helps a little.
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