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NYPD to get new Training Academy


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  • NYPD to get new Training Academy

    Congrats to the gals and non-gals of NYPD on getting a new academy. The potential price tag of $1 billion is a little unnerving, but hey, that's what happens when facilities are not maintained / expanded.

    My Force is going through similar problems with our Academy, but at least we have lots of land to expand on - its just that we are trying to expand / renovate at the same time as maxing out the candidate intake.
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    NYPD-new academy

    Problems of progress, Pete. Aren't they grand? We, (Alabama DPS) are in need of a new physical plant for our Academy. That said, I'm always really glad when an allied agency is able to move forward in that direction. A billion dollars sounds a bit much, but at the end of the day, I suppose that what we invest at this end, will pay dividends at the other end.


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      If what is proposed comes through the NYPD Academy will rival any other. The plans given in the news articles show mock subway stations, village and I believe 2 evoc course. Training would be available for up to 5,000 officers at a time.

      Improved training is finally catching on in NY. My agency, the State Courts, is spending over 30 million on a new Academy in Brookly and at the same time building an Academy upstate NY in Saratoga.


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        how about they scrap the 1 billion dollar building and give their officers a raise.

        i sure as hell would never work for the wages they make currently.
        -Stay safe


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          All the construction money comes out of future money....municipal bonds.....so our great grandkids can pay for tomorrows academy.....todays raise come out of todays income.


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