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Sgt's: friend or foe


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    Originally posted by rayder1
    I guess I will have to prepare myself for that dilemna. I am taking the oral for sgt in a few weeks. I've been an officer for 24 years and its time to make the jump.

    My purpose is strictly to make some extra retirement $$. I am not going to change the world. My office has an average time-on of about 10-12 years. I am not going to tell these guys and gals how to do their jobs...period.

    Screw up and make me take paper, then it's all fair game. but I'm not going to go out of my way to find crap on people. Sorry...not the way I work.
    Good luck! I hope you get promoted, because our profession needs more guys with solid views like you have. I don't understand all the hardass attitude toward the people who were, up until promotion, peers and buddies.
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      Just an update on the lazy officer, he bought one day for not completeing an assignment on time as directed by the Chief. He came to me, I recommended three days, and we discussed his methods and my way of thinking. He's really PO'd but not at me...I dont think he'll ever learn or change.


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        My Sgt. and I get along extremly well. It is because of that, that I respect his rank and position more. I dont even call him by his first name, it is because we are friendly to each other, that I feel compelled to do my best and it is understood, if I desreve dicipline by him I most certainly will take it without feeling betrayed, loss of a friendly atmosphere etc. Unfortunately the definition of a friend and what a friend should, or should not do is as different as the population of the U.S.
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