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Officers: When selling your home, would you allow a lock box?


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  • Officers: When selling your home, would you allow a lock box?


    My house just went on the market. Right now I have it set up to be shown through appointment only. NO LOCK BOX. I decided to go this route due to my profession.

    Would you all allow a lock box to where buyers can come and go without an appointment? I know it may sell faster if it were more "available" to the buyer, but I'm just not that comfortable with that option.

    I will leave though when it is being shown, as I understand it can be awkward for the buyers if the owner is present.

    Any opinions?

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    When I was selling my first house I had a lock box. The realator was a friend and i took all of my guns and important stuff to my fathers house and put it all in his basement. We removed a lot of stuff from the house, it was smaller and I wanted it to have a less cluttered look. I had no problems. Sold it in about a month.
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      Originally posted by Hookem'
      Would you all allow a lock box to where buyers can come and go without an appointment?
      Never! Maybe I'm a bit paranoid, but I have a huge problem allowing a bunch of strangers trample trough my home, unsupervised. In the past, the majority of the people I've had come through have been legit, potential buyers. It's the small percentage of... "just looking to see what's out there" people that worries me. Not to mention, the newly licensed agent employed by the ACME Fly by Night Real Estate / Financial agency.

      I've always shown personally, by appointment only, and have never not sold a home.
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        duplex I lived in (rented) during my divorce was put on the market by the owner. Didn't have lock box and was always there unless on duty. I didn't have much but it was mine and didn't trust most people. Was lucky lived in same town I worked so would just show up and let them in and would wait on the porch. Never had a problem with agent or most of the people interested in buying the house, was always asked if they bought it, would I stay. Have to say, they liked the way I kept the apt.
        Selling my own home...NO Way to a lock box. I'm there or have a nice day.
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          Yeah, theres something about letting strangers in my house when I'm not home that I don't like. It just went on the market so I will see how it goes.

          I'm getting mixed feelings about it from different folks. Seems like the Leo's say no lock box, civilians say its best to have one........


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            I let them put one on my old house that is for sale, but it is completely empty. I wouldn't allow one on a house that I am still living in.
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              I just bought the house I am living in two months ago. Although I didn't know it at the time, the owner/seller was a police officer and his family, and they were still living here when I first looked at the house (they weren't home the first time I came by, but were the second). The house had a lock box, but that had to be a tough decision for him. All the weapons were secured in various gun safes (and I mean "various," -there had to be at least four of them, some of which might have contained things other than guns), but other police stuff like uniforms were in plain view. He seemed visibly relieved when he found out that I was "in the club."

              I did look at other homes where there were guns in the open, and I thought it was pretty dumb to leave them like that. If you can't store guns in a gun safe or similarly secure medium, I'd suggest removing them from the house altogether. For some people, it's just too much of a temptation to pick them up or even take them.
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                Well with a lock box, at least an agent will be present unless he or she breaks the rules and gives the code to unauthorized people. It would take guts to steal something large enough you can't conceal when the agent is present. But in this society anything can happen.

                I just don't like the idea of strangers coming in my home while I still live there.


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                  My wife and I just purchased our first home in November. While we were looking to buy a house. We looked at a lot that had lock boxes and people would leave all kinds of things out, guns included. Lock boxes are convenient but are in my opinion too risky, especially in our line of work.
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