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    I have been tasked with redoing my departments personnel evaluation. I need to come up with a new yearly evaluation for Lieutenants, Sergeants, and Officers. The current system we are using is antiquated to say the least and very numbers based. I would like to move away from the numbers again (i.e. counting arrest / tickets / stops) and move onto something else. Not sure what is out there or where to begin the adventure. If you all have any good resources or information to share please throw it my way. Posts here or PM's are appreciated.

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    We did a similar thing a few years ago, but it is still difficult to totally stay away from numbers and keep your evals objective. Instead of tracking traffic related enforcement, we combined that category with a generalized "Quality of Work". The big question is does one officer's quality of work set the standard for other officers to go by? So when considering Officer A who writes X amount of citations, makes X amount of arrests, X amount of Incident Reports, etc., and Officer A is right in the middle of these averages of all the other officers (Standard); and Officer B has higher numbers in these areas, then B could fall in the Above Standard rating. So the so called standard could fluctuate from year to year, thereby not having a set quota. Every officer should know that if they just go out and do their job well, they shouldn't have any problems with any aspect of the evaluation. Another category could be on Evidence using the same standard. Does the officer have a large quantity of evidence taken as a result from an on-view arrest? Who ever got the most is working above the standard. However, to get a Below Standard in this category an officer would have to not keep proper control of evidence until it is submitted to the Evidence Custodian, so if an officer goes an entire year without submitting evidence, they would still end up with a Standard rating at my agency.

    One way to support what ever system you end up with is to have a mechanism to recognize Outstanding or Poor performance throughout the year. At my agency, if an officer does something in the area of Officer Safety, for instance, that is either really good or not so good, we have what is called a Conference/Performance Indicator Report. A number of these in any category will go a long way in supporting what they ultimately are rated with.

    When we revised ours, we had to keep the same number of criteria as the previous performance evaluation in order to keep the rating formula the same. It just ended up with some of the wording being changed, and I am not really convinced that much of a difference resulted.


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