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    Originally posted by hpclayto View Post
    For all of you that work 12's, you can politely go fornicate yourselves.
    12 hour tours is one of the huge bonuses of patrol. If I make it into investigations, then it's 8 hour tours plus on call.
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      4 on, 4 off and we switch days/nights every two weeks. This is my favorite of all the schedules I've ever had to work! :-)
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        One of the things I like about my department is that we can take most investigations from initial report thru prosecution.

        The problem is being off for multiple days makes following up difficult, and people wonder why you haven't contacted them in three days.
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          Hours are 2030-0630 and schedule is a pick 28. 28 days, normal period work 16 and off 12, you pick your off days whenever you want them with 4 "priority" days off that are rarely messed with. If there's a holiday in the cycle it adds to your off days, for instance this period has xmas and new years so we get 15 off days and work 13. Yearly bid for hours.
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            I work 1800-0600 this weekend, then switch to 0600-1800 Wednesday
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              At my department, we work 12 hour shifts in conjunction with a few 8 hour shifts. The shedule is pretty random.

              Monday: 12 h day shift (07:00 - 19:00)
              Tuesday: 12h night shift (19:00 - 07:00)
              Wednesday: coming home at 07:00, sleeping most of day.
              Thursday: home
              Friday: 8 h office shift (08:00 - 16:30)
              Saturday: 12 h night shift (19:00 - 07:00)

              It's pretty random because it changes all the time. Shifts have to be filled because of sick people.
              Last week I worked 63 hours (5 x12h shift + overtime).

              I have no real sense of time and I sleep like crap. I sleep great after a 12h night shift, if the kids downstairs of my appartment are at school.


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                Started with dayshift on 8 hr shifts, Mid-shift on 4-10's and nightshift on their choice of 5 nights of 8's or 4 nights of 10HR shifts. All of the shifts were covered with at least and hour of overlap from the previous shift. Life was great. Then we went to everyone on straight 8's which was hell because you essentially were always at work. Currently patrol is on 12's with 1HR of over lap between the two shifts. The great thing is there is no rotating shifts so if you're on nights then you stay on nights unless an opening occurs on the dayshift and vice versa.
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                  Patrol does 12 hr shifts. They work no longer than 3 days in a row. Plus there's something called a Kelly day, which is an extra day off per month. Not sure how exactly that works because patrol just recently changed to 12's a year ago. Tactical unit works 8 hour shifts, and was advised to work two weekends per month and take the other two off. There's only three of us so we just pick our schedule that fits our needs. Pick our hours for the most part but mainly requested by the bosses to work in the afternoons. There's so many controlled drug buys and search warrants that we end up working our days off and just taking the weekends off. If we are proactive with solid production numbers and the complaints are bare minimum the bosses allow us to handle our business they way we see fit. That's exactly how a PD should run, do your job, don't make theirs harder and leave us alone. There's been ups and downs for patrol, and there's been some beefs with the tactical unit, but right now tac is where I should be. When the Sgt test comes around I'll try my best and see what happens. 9 years on and still enjoy the job for the most part. Make tons of OT through all the arrests with court calls, six digits is very easily hit each year. Went on a tangent there....well carry on


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                    Mon-Fri 1000 to 1800


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                      Originally posted by goodfella View Post
                      Plus there's something called a Kelly day, which is an extra day off per month. Not sure how exactly that works because patrol just recently changed to 12's a year ago.
                      Kelly time is a very specific form of compensatory time that is the excess hours over 2080 hours worked in a year. Some agencies define Kelly time as hours in excess of the (7k) exception periods, but technically, true Kelly is in excess of 2080.

                      For example, patrol in my agency works 4 on/ 4 off 12 hour shifts. This results in a work year of 2190 hours. That 110 extra hours is granted as extra days off throughout the year. My agency grants them as 3 days per bump period (4 months). While most agencies let officers use them like bonus vacation days, the agency can assign Kelly time off if they want.

                      Originally posted by kontemplerande
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                        Fri-Sat- Sun-work
                        Mon-Tues- off
                        I've been working this 12 hour shift schedule since 2004. I like having every other weekend off.


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                          Patrol - 12 Hour Days: 2 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off, 2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off
                          Admin/SRO - 8 Hour Days: Mon - Fri, weekends/holidays off
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                            When ever I wish to work................................

                            Our deputies work 10's
                            Jailers work 8's
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                              12s. 6pm to 6am by choice.

                              Work Monday Tuesday, off Wednesday Thursday, work Friday Saturday Sunday, off Monday Tuesday, work Wednesday Thursday, off Friday Saturday Sunday, and so on.

                              Shift bid by seniority every 6 months.


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                                We work three shifts, 0700-1500, 1500-2300, 2300-0700. Shift pick by seniority.

                                My off days: Week #1, off Tues and Wed. Week #2, off Tues and Sat. Week #3, off Sun and Fri. Repeat.
                                So, its one weekend off every three weeks.

                                Holidays and Comp time off depends on staffing levels. When available, granted by seniority.
                                It's nice to be #2 on the agency seniority list.

                                Edited to add... I'm baffled by all these "When I feel like it" and "whenever I want to" answers. Are you guys salaried, or heads of agencies? Or are you part-timers?

                                Do you guys not get paid hourly or earn overtime after 40?

                                Is your agency budget such that you can work all the overtime you want?
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