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    Just wondering if any of you whose cities utilize cameras at intersectins to cite red light violators have run into this scenario...

    Off duty officer violates red light. Officer from the same department who reviews the photos and issues the citations realizes that the offender is an Officer from the agency after running the plate. What does the reviewing Officer do? Issue the cite to another cop or give him a mean *****-chewing?

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    This poses a real problem in my state. Under California law, red light camera photos are public record and can be viewed by anyone. Periodically, the press will go to a PD that has red light cameras and ask to see all videos/photos that did not result in citations being issued. When the photos are of an emergency vehicle without its light bar activated, or of a cop's personally owned vehicle (State law allows police personnel to substitute their agency name for their home address on vehicle registration) the press has a field day writing articles and editorials about double standards in enforcement and the blue wall of silence.

    We have two agencies locally with red light cameras. To avoid an ongoing battle with the press, one sends cites to all registered owners of offending vehicle, including marked emergency vehicles (if their light bars were not on when they ran the light). The second agency sends written warnings to the department owning the emergency vehicle, or in the case of a personally owned vehicle, the owner's employing department.

    In all fairness, both departments have gone to other agencies in the county, explained the unique problem this poses and given fair warning to their personnel about what will happen if the camera is tripped.
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      Or just don't run the red light. I can't stand it when someone says "I pulled out in front of you because I didn't see you." Or "I rear-ended you because I didn't realize how close you were." "I ran the red-light because I didn't know it was red." Get the phone out of your ear, put the book down, wake up, and DRIVE. I think that's one thing I absolutly can't stand is bad drivers.

      /rant off


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        In my city, Red light camera violations are handled by an Arizona firm with copies sent to the violator and the PD. If there is a question you can contact the PD and they will review the pics. The AZ firm is non-discriminatory and send the violation notices to whomever the registered owner of the car may be - including the PD. Off duty officers, their wives and family all get notices if they run the lights. Ask my wife!!! Also, ask the former Chief's wife! They both got notices.
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