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    Are any of my fellow officers in here Public Information Officers? My buddy at my dept. is l leaving for a Fed gig and his position is going to be free. He recommended me to the Chief for his position. He was our Administrative Services Officer, which meant he acted as our agency's PIO, Training Scheduler, Community Resource Officer, Fleet Acquisition Officer, Rangemaster, and Firearms Instructor. I was wondering if any of you guys had any experience in any of these roles... The only thing I have experience with is being a community officer, since I have been assigned as an SRO.
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    I did a brief stint as PIO. It's a pretty decent gig, until the s*** hits the fan. When it does, you're the guy that takes all the heat.

    Most guys I know who've done PIO time end up getting promotions up the chain. You get a lot of face time with the brass.
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