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  • Tactical Paramedics

    I'm an Officer from Aus, and was looking for information about agencies that use Tactical Officers as Paramedics, rather than City EMS Paramedics with tactical training.
    Also any info on setting up a paramedic training program. Im a former Ambulance Officer (EMT) but have an 11 year background in law enforecment and am looking to combine the both.
    Any info would be appreciated.

    Stay safe out there!

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    My dept's tactical team was lucky enough to have a local municipal PD who has an officer who is also a fully trained paramedic and fire captain volunteer his services. As he is also deputized and attends the same training as other team members he works with the team on all call outs. I believe the only difference is that he carries no long guns.
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      Our agency runs a mix of strait LEO's as well as LEO/Paramedics. The Paramedics are fully sworn law enforcement officers. They utilize Chevy Tahoe patrol vehicles and carry all of the essential equipment to include drug kits. They have the option of responding on calls and are required to answer on medical runs (if they are responding or not).

      If a local ambulance service is running an ALS unit to a call, then they have the option of clearing on the call and not responding. If the local ambulance is only running a BLS rig, then they respond and take the lead on the run. They leave their patrol vehicle on scene and respond in the ambulance as the medic to the hospital. Another deputy then retrieves the vehicle or responds to transport the medic back to his patrol vehicle.

      As many of the local ambulances have gone to running ALS, it has cut down on the amount of runs the medics respond to, but they still get their fair share of calls. Their patrol vehicles are deemed to be an ambulance as well due to the set up in place.

      We have two medic/LEO's on at a time minimum as well as the requisite number of strait LEO's. Works fairly well for us.

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        Two resources for you are the National Tactical Officers Association (www.ntoa.org) and the International Tactical EMS Association (www.tems.org). I believe NTOA has an information packet on tactical medicine available. An on-line resource would be the tactical EMS for at www.tacticalforums.com.

        By the way, our county police SWAT team uses sworn officers as tactical medics. They're usually former or current volunteer firefighters. They are assigned to ride once a month with an ambulance to maintain EMS proficiency.

        Good luck and be safe.
        John from Maryland


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          Our tactical team uses a paramedic with tactical training. He is a full-time paramedic supervisor with one of our ambulance services. He attends all training with the team and he is paged and responds to any type of call-out to a tactical situation. At this time, he is not sworn law enforcement. We are working on getting his full-time employer to give him the time off to attend the police academy.


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            One of my academy-mates is working on getting a spot as a tactical medic on a local SWAT team. Currently they have no tactical medics in place. He's now a Paramedic/Firefighter for the same city as the SWAT team. The LE side is all for it. But the fire administration is blocking him. There seems to be a feeling that firefighters shouldn't carry guns. He went to the academy on his own and works PT as a LEO. He's still working on his administration.
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              We use specially trained paramedics from the our fire dept. that train with our team. It's worked well, like the Marines using Navy corpsmen in combat. They don't need to be police, but they need to be able to coordinate their mission is with ours.

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                Our team has a actual "doc" who is sworn as a level II reserve. He attends all our trainings, carries a gun, and is a pretty cool dude on top of it.
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                  Those who use actual paramedics (fire/ambulance personnel and not LEOs), do you arm your medics? How do you justify/rationalize arming them?

                  The reason that I ask is because we are currently using LEOs who have 'paramedic' training and were once certified. We have considered bringing full-time fire dept paramedics onto our team, like some of you are doing. The glitch is whether we arm them or not and how far are they involved in entries/containment/etc. In order to arm them, they would need to be peace officer certified and be considered reserve officers. Any feedback would be great!


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