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    Sgt. Lobster, I can't speak for others, I do know that I have had the DA's officer call my home the day before court duty and ask if I could show on a late motion appeal. This occured this month of Mid-Nights and the court was at 1330 hours. Once I figured what DA it was I decided to go. For the DAs that work with me and help me out, the favor is returned. If I spend too much time and get too little sleep, there is what we call sick time, I hate to use it, but if I am wiped, I am no good on the street.

    The only good thing about going to court is the $25.00 per visit and the Comp Time.


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      Are you expected to attend court for a defendants first appearance ?
      Normally we only ever attend court for not guilty trials.



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        Our department mandates that if you receive a subpeona, then you must go to court unless excused by the DAs office.

        This motion was an appeal in reference to a DUI case that I had. In the State of Georgia, as soon as you arrest a person for DUI you must read them their Implies Consent notice. I advised that I arrested the driver first for the warrant and then waited till his three passengers left the scene before doing the implied consent reading. I advised the defense atty that my safety comes first before any adminstrated details. Anyway, the driver was charged for DUI-Alcohol and DUI-Less Safe for the red light violation. That way if the defense gets the implied consent removed as evidence, I still have a DUI case.

        To answer your question, if we receive a supeona the day before court and we have not advised the DAs officer of pending leave, then we are to go to court. After the birth of my son, I had to go to grand jury. Needless to say, I supplied them with a leave slip. Their response was that they had not received it. Then to add salt to thw wound, they asked why was I in such a big hurry that it was my duty and job to be there. I advised the female DA if she had just given birth for 12 hours and had to have a surgical proceedure performed, how would she like to be in grand jury. Sigh, as you can see there is a little tension between the court and the departments here.

        Hope that helps.


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          I have done shift work for the last 8yrs, and wouldn't change it for anything. I currently work 9 or 10 hour shifts. I really can't imagine working any other system unless I was allowed to work the 0600-1500hrs shift full time.
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            52 sworn officer campus PD that will hopefully climb to 60 members this year. We are on permanent days and noghts, 12 hours. I think we should be as sharp as the trouble makers and the community we serve. Any ideas on changing the scedule to make it more cost effective as well?

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              After ten years of rotating shifts and rotating days off: 6-2, rotate backwards every month; sometimes every two weeks, I'm getting ready to pull the pin. My body can't take anymore and the mood swings during shift change is taking a toll on my family. I owuld prefer early car third (2200-0600) with Friday and Saturday off.

              My place won't change because one quarter of the guys like rotating. Ironic as all of them volunteered and keep volunteering to be on the only fixed shift.
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                down here we're on permanent shifts 8 hours 5 on 2 off. right now im on days 7 to 3 with tue and wed off. before that i was on the afternoon 3 to 11 with the same days off. ive been here 8 years and i cant get weekends. it sucks. i wish we could go to 12 hour permanent shifts with 4 on and 4 off to i can get a weekend off once in a while. i was thinking of goin to DB but then they started working shifts so i would have to start at the bottom again. i dont know how much more of this i can take. i might have to find a regular job real soon.
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                  We currently work a 5 week rota which works like this:

                  Week 1.

                  Mon Rest Day.
                  Tue 2100 - 0700
                  Wed 2100 - 0700
                  Thu 2100 - 0700
                  Fri 1900 - 0300
                  Sat Rest Day
                  Sun Rest Day

                  Mon Rest Day
                  Tue 1400 - 2200
                  Wed 1400 - 2200
                  Thu 1400 - 2200
                  Fri Rest Day
                  Sat Rest Day
                  Sun Rest Day

                  Week 3.
                  Mon 0700 - 1500
                  Tue 0700 - 1500
                  Wed 0700 - 1500
                  Thu Rest Day
                  Fri 2100 - 0700
                  Sat 2100 - 0700
                  Sun 2100 - 0700

                  Week 4.
                  Mon 2100 - 0700
                  Tue Rest Day
                  Wed Rest Day
                  Thu Rest Day
                  Fri 1400 - 2200
                  Sat 1500 - 0000
                  Sun 1400 - 2200

                  Week 5.
                  Mon 1400 - 2200
                  Tue 0900 - 1700
                  Wed Rest Day
                  Thu 0700 - 1500
                  Fri 0700 - 1500
                  Sat 0700 - 1600
                  Sun 0700 - 1500

                  Then just repeats itself, you work 200 hours in 5 weeks and you get 12 rest days including 2 weekends off in 5.



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                    Sgt Lobster,

                    We also work a 5 week roster although slightly different:

                    Week 1

                    Mon: 0600-1500
                    Tue: 0600-1500
                    Wed: Rest Day
                    Thu: Rest Day
                    Fri: 2100-0600
                    Sat: 2100-0600
                    Sun: 2100-0600

                    Week 2

                    Mon: 2100-0600
                    Tue: 2100-0600
                    Wed: 2100-0600
                    Thu: 2100-0600
                    Fri: Rest Day
                    Sat: Rest Day
                    Sun: Rest Day

                    Week 3

                    Mon: Rest Day
                    Tue: Rest Day
                    Wed: 0800-1600
                    Thu: 1400-0000
                    Fri: 1400-0000
                    Sat: 1400-0000
                    Sun: 1400-2300

                    Week 4

                    Mon: Rest Day
                    Tue: Rest Day
                    Wed: 0600-1500
                    Thu: 0600-1500
                    Fri: 0600-1500
                    Sat: Rest Day
                    Sun: Rest Day

                    Week 5

                    Mon: 1400-2300
                    Tue: 1400-2300
                    Wed: 1400-2300
                    Thu: Rest Day
                    Fri: Rest Day
                    Sat: 0600-1500
                    Sun: 0600-1500
                    "It would be fitting, I think, if among the last manmade tracks on earth would be found the huge footprints of the great black bear."


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