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Cop Zaps Partner over Soda Break


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  • Cop Zaps Partner over Soda Break

    from front page:
    Originally posted by The Associated Press
    A police officer has been charged with using a Taser on his partner during an argument over whether they should stop for a soft drink.

    Ronald Dupuis, 32, was charged Wednesday with assault and could face up to three months in jail if convicted. The six-year veteran was fired after the Nov. 3 incident.

    Dupuis and partner Prema Graham began arguing after Dupuis demanded she stop their car at a store so he could buy a soft drink, ...
    Now children, if you can't play nice, I'm gonna take away the guns and cuffs and tazers and send y'all both to your rooms with no supper!
    "That's right man, we've got mills here that'll blow that heap of your's right off the road."

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    Seriously... If my partner tazed me... I wouldn't go running to my boss... I was wait for the right moment and get his *** back!

    I don't get mad I get even

    There must have been something other then just a soda break disagreement!
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      I'm thinking there WAS a little more to this than just not stopping at the 7-11. I'm glad we ride solo....the car goes where you want it to.

      Bet when her next partner gets thirsty...she pulls over
      Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.

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        But you left out a key part to the story....

        The two then struggled over the steering wheel, and Dupuis hit her leg with his department-issued Taser, the report said. She was not seriously hurt.
        They struggled for the steering wheel and then he tased her while she was driving?
        That's nice....sign here.


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          Originally posted by JLFINFAN
          They struggled for the steering wheel and then he tased her while she was driving?
          Attempted suicide by cop maybe?


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            Sounds like a tickle fight that got out of hand.


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