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Two part question


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  • Two part question

    I have a good friend who is an officer in a rural Wisconsin town. He was involved in a pretty bad car accident after running code to a domestic. He said he was doing about 70 MPH when a deer ran right out in front of his squad. He hit the deer, lost control, flipped a few times, and came to rest on a tree he slammed into. Totaled the car. Thank god he is going to be fine and will make a full recovery.

    Do any of you rural guys find one siren more affective then another when it comes to animals (more specifically deer)? We were wondering if there have been any studies on which siren works best. He said anytime he runs code he always uses the "yelp" siren because he was told that one works the best. Anybody heard about any studies done on this?

    Also, what do you guys think of the 2005 CVI in terms of safety. They seem to hold up MUCH better then previous models. I was involved in a really bad wreck with a 2005 CVI and came out with just minor cuts and bruises. Both my friend and I were involved in rollovers and the new roll bar seems to really work. Also, my brother was rear ended at 50 MPH and came out completely unharmed.
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    First and foremost, I really do hope your buddy is okay.

    I was born and raised in rural Minnesota where deer are almost as thick as the mosquitos. I have NOTseen a siren, horn, light or whistle that makes them run away. Deer just simply panic. The more paniced the more spontaneus their running is. If was after dark the lights bouncing off of shrubs bushes and trees in combination with a siren just confusses and panics them more.

    Had an Officer here recently roll his 2005 CVI. All in all, the unit looked a little cockeyed and rumpelled but held up well. He came out with a broken leg but looks like he'll fully recover.
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      I know they have deer horns that are supposed to keep them away from the road when you are approaching. Do those things work?


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