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University officers in Washington State?


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  • University officers in Washington State?

    Given this, what are your interpretations on how long (or not) ranging university officers jurisdiction lies in Washington state. Also, does anyone have any experiences (good and bad) with Univ. of Washington (Seattle campus) PD officers? Looking into possibly applying with this agency is why I am asking and curious also.

    The members of a police force established under authority of RCW 28B.10.550, when appointed and duly sworn:

    (1) Shall be peace officers of the state and have such police powers as are vested in sheriffs and peace officers generally under the laws of this state; and

    (2) May exercise such powers upon state lands devoted mainly to the educational or research activities of the institution to which they were appointed; and

    (3) Shall have power to pursue and arrest beyond the limits of such state lands, if necessary, all or any violators of the rules or regulations herein provided for.

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    I don't work for UW PD but a there was one in my BLEA class (there are only three full time academies in Washington state Basic Law enforcement academy, Seattle PD, and WSP). I also know couple UW PD folks and from my understanding you have arrest powers of the campus just like any LEO working for a local or state agency.

    as far as jurdisction I think SPD and UWPD have a mutal aid agreement and I think if you saw a crime occuring on the "ave" (university avenue) you could take enforcement action.
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      campus cops are cops..at least at the major u's in washington state..they attend the academy and receive a full commision, just like the rest of us. they work for an established police agency. As far as boundries, those are set by thier agency and thier mutual aid agreements, but they are still fully sworn law enforcement officers under state standards.

      Now some of the smaller universities use campus security officers...these persons at best have a "reserve commision" but mostly are security guards tht recieve minimal training.
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