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Anybody else absolutely HATE their job?


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  • Anybody else absolutely HATE their job?

    tyhth jyui kk.
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    Thankfully i'm still early enough into my career to absolutely love it. I keep hearing that it will change but hopefully that wont happen. I love my job and wouldn't want to do anything else. Sure, there are some things I don't like about it but I would have that with every job.
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      nope, still enjoying it...
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        Still enjoying it some of the time, but hey, Ive got 28 years in and still on the road.



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          It sure beats real work.

          I working in a giant freezer for two years. The was horrible in the summer I put my body through a 60 degree temperture change. Nothing like riding your bike to work on a hot summer's eve, to only go to work in a freeze and have your tears and snot freeze!

          When I was 19 made boxes! After 3 months I couldn't take it anymore. We started at 07:30 and had a coffee break at 09:00. I used to hide the time on the clock near my work station. The day I quit, I was plugging along thinking to myself that it was almost coffee time. I removed the deck of cards that hid the time and discovered that it was 07:45!!! I wanted to die.

          I love my job. There is things I dislike about it, bit over all it's the best job in the world.


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            Policing would be the greatest job on this planet were it not for all of the political crap.


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              Originally posted by 28Blue21
              Policing would be the greatest job on this planet were it not for all of the political crap.

              10-4 on that one man.


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                If it wasnt for my adminstration it would be the best job ever
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                  best job ever ......where else can you do what you do


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                    21 years and still loving it. The politicians can go suck S H I T though.
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                      having the best time of my life....i am in the top 100

                      in senority out of 2500 sworn..!!!

                      how ever....brevard county sheriff's office
                      had to be the pitt's when i worked their
                      worst job as a adult i ever had.

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                        The job overall? GREAT! The administraors can eat me! Im so sick of Patrol,though, I could puke ! But doing this (overall) for about 30yrs will do this to you


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                          Life is Good

                          Pay is adequate, hours are OK, working conditions just fine. I actually enjoy it now more than 10 years ago. If you hate it, find something else man. Life is good, but it's too short.

                          And what's with all that gobbly gook in your post?
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                            Originally posted by 28Blue21
                            Policing would be the greatest job on this planet were it not for all of the political crap.

                            Very true. Politics make the job much harder than it should be. I still like (not love) the job after 19+ years. I am ready to retire though after spending most of it on the road. Next year will be my last. I know i won't miss it, but if i had to do it over again, i would.
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                              are you kidding? what other job can you come in for work, load up a shotgun, and drive around looking to take people's freedom away?


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