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Are sportbikes/crotchrockets looked down upon by LEO's?


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  • Are sportbikes/crotchrockets looked down upon by LEO's?

    Im am thinking about getting a sportbike, as I have wanted one for most of my life. I know myself, and I would never do any idiotic stunts or drive insane speed limits, but will owning such a bike as a primary vehicle (I own a car that ill be keeping, but i plan on using the bike as my main transportation) hurt my reputation/standing in the LE world?

    Im currently a college student who is training (already accepted and sworn in) in the FHP aux. program, and plan to go paid in a local agency after school.

    Just wondering your two cents
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    1. Yes, it would hurt more than your reputation/standing in the LE world. Chances are you'll open up when the opportunity arises to see how fast you can go.

    2. I had one in my 20s, and would never ride one again.

    3. I chased and caught (they let me continue!) a bike doing 120+. He said he was in the hiring process for some PD. Oh well...immediate threat his license and about 7 moving violations for one stupid mistake, there goes his chance to get hired.

    4. My short time on the job I've already been on scene of 3 bad crashes, one was DRT (dead-right-there)

    5. You're not "sworn" yet, read the rules for this squad room.
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      Suicide Cycles. Riders are called organ donors. If you have an leo career in mind and want to remain healthy find another way to risk your neck.


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        Nothing to do about the type of bike, its all about the type of rider!!!!!



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          Reason for Editing.
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            Working for a smaller Dept. you will be stereotyped as a reckless, speedy driver. Larger Dept. have too many more important issued to frown upon.
            I like classic muscle cars. I have a mustang and a 1940 street rod and have to watch what I modify, where I work. I like a nice sounding Amarican V8 that rumbles, but....."OH NOOO!, thats is too loud, is that legal?
            On the other hand, many officers here are the "coolest" with those Harley Davidsons with the loudest @$$ straight pipes you can hear from about five blocks away. And your even cooler when you do a hole shot out of the PD parking lot.
            If I bought a sport bike and had an aftermarket race muffler on it, I would be called out on it's legality as well as stereotyped as a young punk.
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              I know guys who have crotchrockets... One of them, is who I would like to be as a Trooper... best Trooper/Deputy/Cop I've ever met (too bad he's an investigator now handcuffed to his desk and computer). It's got nothing to do with the bike and everything to do with the rider. You can find just as many less than stellar cops riding Harleys as you can GSX-R1000's.

              A cop driving a firetruck green 92 Honda Civic hatchback with a 4" pipe, a 747 wing strapped to the roof, neons, a body kit and 5 point harness will get you laughed out of every PD I know of though... Friends don't let friends drive rice.

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                I know several cops with sport bikes. I have a harley myself, and we ride together sometimes. It's the operator who has to maintain responsibility of the bike, if you ride safe its no problem. The fact is the majority of sport bike owner's choose to ride like idiots, and thats why most cops don't like them. Maintain respect for the road and maintain respect for the bike. Bike vs. Car, Car always wins. Ride safe and good luck


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                  In my area you would definitely be profiled driving around. Unfortunately we have had some major problems with guys on "crotch rockets" killing themselves and innocent people. They all know about our no pursuit policy so what do you think they do when we light them up

                  I'm not saying all the guys riding these bikes are like that but without giving you a teddy bear answer, yeah you better watch your ***.
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                    I love crotch rockets. Always great for a ticket- allot of the riders don't have a motorcycle license.

                    They make for great wrecks. Its always interesting to see how bodies and metal act when they strike trees, cars, and telephone poles. Who would have known physics would have a practical application after high school?
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                      I hope not since I ride one....

                      I've not had any problems or issues while riding. I don't speed (to access), pop wheelies, perform stoppies, etc... Just ride and feeling the wind... But, that's me.

                      Yes, there are problem riders who make a bad name for the type of bike ridden. Oh well.
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                        Yes, some look down on sportsbikes. We have had a few officers get killed on them, at extremely high rates of speed.

                        But I will agree, for myself, that it really depends on the rider. I know a guy who is all about bikes - all he can talk about. But he hates stuntbikers. Classy guy.


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                          YES in my opinion
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                            A couple of the guys here ride them. Don't think any less of them for it. But then again they've never passed me doing a wheelie at 105 mph either.


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                              If your deptartment....

                              If your department has the time to judge you by your mode of transportation, I would consider looking for another department, as they have too much time on their hands. Your reputation is earned by your actions on and off the job, not the bike you sit on. I have been racing bikes on and off road for most of my life, and continue to do so in many fire/police events as well. So let me get this straight....according to some cops, my resume...(B.S. Criminal Justice/Chemisty, Masters Degree Human Resource Development, prior military intelligence and spanish linquist, and now detective in my department), is nullified due to the fact that I love and ride/race bikes? Are you kidding me? Get a life, and judge yourself before you start judging me!


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