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Politics and the Good ol boy theory


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  • Politics and the Good ol boy theory

    Just wanted to know if anyone else was affected by the B.S. that small towns do when they hire in an unqualified and incompetant Chief because he is the right political party or made a sizeable donation.

    My Department is in a massive tailspin as far as morale and productivity. I have some good cops who won't do thier jobs because of this moron or knowing that it may be a buddy of someone.

    We continually see officers that should not have a badge excell and be rewarded because they are friends with someone. Of course when things go bad they look to the officers who are professional and know thier job to take care of it. We usualy do for the sake of the citizens.

    Just wondered how to beat this, and vent a little.

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    Sadly it still happens. Recently a large west coast agency got slammed for failing to base their Deputy Chief test on merit. A detailed analysis of the findings in that matter can be found at:

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      They have started a revolution at my dept. There have been a lot of things that have came back to haunt the administration. The morale has been bad for a few years, and we have a huge turnover. There is a severe lack of respect for the officers, and is evident by statements that have been made by the admin. The civil service board is currently investigating the chief. He "allegedly" gave answers to civil service test, to select officers so that they could get promoted.


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        I feel your pain.
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          Big agencies have it too! PLEASE don't get me started!


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