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any VA Troopers on the air?


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  • mom dad stop fighting.....
    surly?? screw you....


    • rpd1794......As a New Yorker, I have to admit my first reaction to this whole strory was one of disbelief, why would any agency stop an NYPD (or any other marked units)? I did not realize you all were without union does but a damper on your ability to choose a course of action. One thing that I would like explained is a term I have seen in this thread a couple of times. What exactly does it mean when you write about the complainant wanting to get a warrant against the NYPD convoy or the NJ convoy? Is there an automatic response on the agency's behalf? Or does the citizen have to show up at a stationhouse to fill out paperwork? How do you avoid responding to false or malicious allegations if the complainant does not have to sign an allegation under oath?


      • Not sure in other jurisdictions. I know that here in GA, it can be different from county to county and city to city. Where I am at, an officer takes out the warrant and swears to the judge/mag that it is the truth that what has been presented to him is contained in the warrant. I think in other places, officers actually take the victim/witness to swear out their own warrant.

        As far as liability for the case, it fall down on the witness/victim when they testify in court. I have actually had a witness change their mind in court and say that they made up the allegations to me. After the case, I walked them (2 people) out of court and around to the jail on False Report of a crime. Regardless, someone says "I want to press charges" and there is PC to make a case AND that person is insistent ..... you're screwed if you don't and they go to your chain of command to complain.


        • Dinosaur, the way it works down here is that for misdemeanors not commited in our presence (Reckless Driving is a Class 1 Misd) the complainant has to go to the Magistrates Office and swear out a warrant. The part we are obligated to oblige is to obtain the information for the "suspect" and provide it to the complainant so that they can obtain the warrant.

          If the complainant in the NYPD convoy had been hell bent on obtaining a warrant, the Trooper would have had little choice but to get the Driver's License of whoever she felt had commited an offense and provide her the information. The Troopers appearently talked her down and smoothed things over so she would go away.

          Like I have said before in this thread, none of us dislike you guys or would have gone out of our way to screw with any police vehicle, but when the call comes in, we have to answer it. We all feel that professional courtesy was given because no one got a summons. I know you guys can handle things differently up there, but there are some things we just can't get away with. I, for one, certainly am not looking to start a family fued, and I look forward to going back to DC and hanging out with you guys again.

          I'm sorry if the stops were interpreted as disrespectful, but that was not the intent. We just have to deal with things a little differently.
          Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.

          Ronald Reagan


          • Augusta County Leaders Support Deputy

            September 30, 2005

            Augusta County leaders are going on record in support of one of their deputies, who pulled over a caravan of speeding, New Jersey cops on Interstate 81. The officers were heading home after Katrina relief efforts on September 18.

            Augusta County Sheriff Randall Fisher says one of his deputies pulled over the convoy of 12 or more emergency vehicles from the Passaic County Sheriff's office, after state police received complaints from other motorists about their driving. The cops received a warning for their speeding, resulting in a blistering attack from the Passaic County sheriff for the "grief" his officers experienced.

            Fisher says the attitude of the Passaic County sheriff is not shared by others in New Jersey. He says since the incident, he has received e-mails from New Jersey law enforcement agents apologizing for the situation.


            • Check out this thread, I see VSP has not had the stones too reply



              • Originally posted by SHERIFF
                A sound clip of the taped conversation was also played. Sheriff Speziale sounded rather nasty and unprofessional in it (in the eyes of the public of course). The entire thing continues to be blown out of proportion. Especially by the media.
                Yea and who is to blame for that taped call being released to the public?
                It seems to me that Sheriff Fisher is nothing more than a bitch but understandably so, they're embarrassesed of their actions so why not shift the spotlight. As for the phone calls, Id love to hear who and what agency but just like the alleged complaints they were receiving on the day of the convoy, Im sure they're all fabricated or exaggerated too.


                • Originally posted by GoGo Gadget
                  Had we made the return trip in the same manner, then we would have been hypocritics. The trip down was a high risk transport, we had a very valid reason to not want to go with the flow of traffic. There was no valid reason to travel back in such a manner simply because we were tired and wanted to get home. That is called good judgement.
                  You got me a little curious tell me about this trip of yours, what was the emergency (Katrina?) and how long were you there for?

                  Your lack of reading comprehension is showing again, unless NY has annexed NJ. Nobody accused NYPD of travelling at high speeds, that was the NJ group.
                  Again? What are you talking about? Also when did I say someone accused NYPD of speeding?
                  For the record, those last two paragraphs were a general remark I was done with you after the last .

                  You say VSP are making up numbers to back their position. The numbers are coming from the first deputy on the scene, the Augusta Co deputy. He is the one who paced them.
                  Im curious did he have MVR (camera) in his unit? My guess is no since they already showed no couth by releasing a PRIVATE conversation to the public. Why havent we heard anything about any footage showing their reckless speeds?

                  They say they were going 70mph. Who has more to gain by lying. Someone covering their ***, or someone explaining why they made a stop.
                  What is there to lie about or cover up??? Cops speed EVERY freaking day when they're in their unit and dont even try to insult us by saying yea only when we're running CODE. And for the record they didnt say they were doing just 70mph so dont spew forward any further BS that hasnt been spilled already.

                  You told me to research the NJ Sheriff, a quick search shows someone who is pretty good at self promotion and a Congressional report on civil rights violations and abuses within his jail. I am heading out the door, so I don't have time to dig further right now. I'll be sure to let you know what I find later.
                  Well, maybe you need to stick to writing tickets.


                  • Originally posted by SHERIFF
                    The prior sheriff was my uncle. But I only know Sheriff Fisher in passing.

                    I guess a better question is who brought either of the events to the forefront in the media or Internet. I don't recall the Virginia State Police or the Augusta County Sheriff's Office being the first to release any of this to the media. Correct me if I am wrong.

                    None of it should have been released to the media by anybody. And none of it should have submitted anywhere on the Internet by anybody, IMHO.
                    Until you tell people who you worked for and how much time you put into the job before 'retiring' I dont think I really give a crap what you seem a little shady to me.
                    __________________________________________________ _____________

                    One thing thats been said and overlooked a few times already is sorta ****ing me off. WTF are some of you suggesting when you say we (NY/NJ LEO's) do things a little different up here than how you guys do it down here???

                    Our union and/or civil servant status does nothing for us if we do not perform our duties as the law describes, so please inform me/us what this means. Its a crying shame how COMMON SENSE needs to be taught to grown men who are already wearing badges.

                    For over 6 pages, Ive read a few times how thin the VSP are spred in the state, do you think that is one way in which the embarrassing stop could of been avoided, cmooon boys use that imagination.
                    I mean tell me what the nature of those (alleged) repeated calls would of had to be to drop what you're doing and bolt after a LE convoy????
                    Were any crimes committed? Did some lady call stating that she was being raped by the convoy?
                    Is this the way you southern folk handle ALL obnoxious highway calls?
                    Were the complainants even from Va or the surrounding states??? (I ask only cuz realistically would of the warrant complaint really have been followed through?)
                    Why havent the repeated 911 calls been released? (I mean why send a spokesperson to a website to 'set the record straight' when releasing these multiple calls would of done a pretty good job all on their own.)

                    Lastly, Im getting sick and tired of hearing you HYPOCRITS talking about the lack of necessity of the NJ convoy speeding back home. Unless you boys and girls do NOT speed at all (thats 1+ over) when not heading to an emergency then you are a hypocrit. Please do amuse me and tell me if thats the case with you, tell ya what lets start a list:


                    Go ahead folks Id love to see who can honestly say they NEVER speed. And dont give me this not for 300 miles BS again I dont wanna hear it, unless they were followed for that duration I call BS for any convoy ever running any long distance at a constant excessive speed.
                    Last edited by fortisi876; 10-01-2005, 11:13 PM.


                    • Originally posted by cleetus0219
                      I find it very hard to believe that anyone can run lights and siren for 300 miles. Could you imagine the headache?

                      I also find it very hard that a convoy of 10-15 cars will be travelling at 95 mph. Use your Gogo Gadget common sense.

                      Thank you!

                      Please use some common sense people.

                      These so-called high rate of speed of 95+mph with a 10-15 cars of convoy. for 300 miles? I'd like to see any 10-15 vehicle convoy trying to keep up with each other at that rate of speed. Especially with other vehicles on the road. Remember, they weren't the only other vehicles traveling on the road.

                      Please use common sense!
                      FDNY Robert Curatolo, Ladder 16
                      FDNY Louis Arena, Ladder 5

                      You will never be forgotten

                      New Jersey Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association


                      • rpd1794 --- In New York, civilian cannot obtain any form of warrant. Civilian has to make complaint to police at stationhouse or they stop an RMP. The police then investigate the complaint and they determine what if any police action is required. Unless there is a need for civilian's restimony, his/her involvement ends with the complaint. This allows the responding officers unfettered leeway to do the right thing. I have trouble understanding how any level of government can surrender its law enforcement authority to civilians. With your system the possibility of abuse abound. I'm not blaming the officers but to my thinking, your ability to function as police is severely limited. If she insisted on a drivers license and the trooper obtained the info, would he have been obligated to hold up the convou while she obtained the warrant? If the convoy proceeded on its way would the trooper have engaged in a high speed chase to arrest an NYPD officer on the warrant? While we are public servants, we are servants of individuals. We have the ability to determine, what course of acrion serves the public best in each situation.


                        • This thread has evolved into several people bashing each other or other motives unclear at this point. Feel free to open another thread discussing the original topic, not each other.

                          Thank you
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