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Leaving LE field and returning in MA.


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  • Leaving LE field and returning in MA.

    I tried posting this is the employment forum. No responses.

    I have been a Correctional Officer for a Sheriffs Dept. in Mass. for 4 years and I am considering leaving to further develop a family business, plus I'm sick of being in jail. My long term plan is to become a reserve police officer while directing my business. The corrections thing was only a stepping stone.

    Getting one's foot in the door in law enf. is everything; I could get any job I want now that I am "in", will leaving the field for a year hurt me that much? At this time I will also be attending the required reserve police academy.

    I know getting a position while being employed would be simple enough. Hiring and demand is more common in the spring, so a smooth transition (as I had previously planned) may be unavailable.

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    The reason you've gotten no responses, is because there's nothing in your post that illicits a response!

    What are you saying/asking/posting/debating...please articulate your post so that others may understand your thoughts.

    Are you leaving MA, or returning, or what the hell are you saying?

    Have you taken another civil service test?

    Do you want to be a police officer?

    A foot in the what? Are you saying that you can't become a PO in MA without a "foot in the door"? I can at least answer this one...that's BS.

    Put down the beers, and try posting your question again...sheesh.
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      From what i remeber it is real hard to get a job as a cop in Mass. I think even with experiance from another state you are no better off than anybody else. I may be wrong I was 19 years old when I left.


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