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  • FOP dues

    What is everyone paying for monthly dues? Reason I ask, I am a new deputy and recently made contact with one of the local lodge reps. He gave me the next meeting date and advised me the dues were $25/month. I was a little surprised by the price, just want to check if that is a reasonable monthly rate, or if I'm being bent over.

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    We pay 60 a year for regular membership. I believe if you want the legal defense coverage, it's something like 215.00 a year on top of general membership.

    From the sounds of it, you are probably getting everything with 25 bucks a month. Might want to make sure you ARE getting the LDF as well as general.


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      We pay $35.00 a year in our lodge. Lodges are free to set just about any amount they want for dues. Some will cover the cost of legal defense insurance, some won't. It may also depend on whether that Lodge acts as a bargaining agent or is strictly fraternal. It will also depend on whether that Lodge has their own building to maintain and the number of members. Smaller lodges are more likely to have higher dues to help off-set costs.

      Each Lodge has to pay a per capita fee of about $7.50 per member (I think that's the current rate) twice a year. In addition, each Lodge must pay the Grand Lodge an administrative fee of $25.00 a year (although that may have gone up as well, I'd have to check with our Sect and Treasurer). As long as the Lodge collects enough from the membership to cover these amounts, then any remainder goes to that individual Lodge.

      The amount charged by the Lodge depends on what activities they're supporting too. Some lodges give to charities regularly, host golf tournaments, cookouts and the like. Most participate in the Shop with Cop program.

      Just do some looking around and ask alot of questions in your Lodge. In most cases, you'll find the dues are justified.


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        $37.50 a month here but that includes legal defense.
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          That $25 can save your career if you get in trouble and need legal help. Without you are on your own. A very cold and lonely place to be.
          Look at it like the best career insurance you could ever buy


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            CLEAT, the largest union in Texas, charges 24 bucks per month, and that includes legal defense. Pays to be the biggest


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              Yes, it does cover the legal. Found out they are a VERY new lodge and assume they are trying to bring in some revenue for later down the road so they can purchase our own place as well as other things. Thanks for the input guys.


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                35.50 a month, I think though it went up when we got our raise.
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                  Our FOP set the dues and legal fees at $5.00 a week. We then made arrangements with human resources to take the $5.00 out in payroll deduction. That way we don't forget to make our payment and you never really see any difference in your pay. It just makes it a lot easier.
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                    Bureau of Prisons / FOP members in IL. pay $7 per month/$84 year in dues. No legal defense, that is extra if you want it. Keep in mind in you long form your taxes it falls under "Professional Dues", for some of you it would be listed under " Union Dues", the BOP has it's own union and FOP is for membership with the local Sheriff's lodge.


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                      it was just raised to 50.00 dollars a year. we don't have a legal fund thru the FOP and not all LEO's in NYS join the FOP. Most, if not all have legal defense thru their local union or an umbella union that cover several smaller agencies.
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                        OPBA dues $25.00 a month... FOP was $26.00 a month before switched.

                        For that price the OPBA negotiates our union contract every three years. Handles any grievances against our employer, fields tons of LE related legal questions (like rights and getting sued), and will represent you if/when you get sued.

                        It's a bargain if you ask me. Our OPBA attorney does a Hell of a job.

                        If you work this job long enough,YOU WILL BE SUED. No matter how clean you do the job. I have been named in lawsuits just for being on scene of an arrest, and got named for false arrest for arresting someone on a valid warrant for another jurisdiction because he beat the charges and was suing for false arrest. First thing I did after getting served was call that OPBA Attorney.


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                          Originally posted by Kabal
                          I have been named in lawsuits.... for arresting someone on a valid warrant for another jurisdiction because he beat the charges and was suing for false arrest.

                          I would think the only way they would have a valid claim against you in this case is if you provided information to the other jurisdiction that caused the warrant to be issued in the first place.

                          Dues are $35.00 a year at my lodge. I can't say they are $35 statewide in Virginia though. I think some lodges are much higher.


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                            Well the union fees is 14.95 a pay period. The social aspect is 52.00 a year for my lodge.

                            Best money I spent and my department puts it to use often.
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                              It's $54 per year at my lodge. We're trying to get a new building soon, so we've up'd some of our social events for donations.
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