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Need info on New Orleans PD


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  • Need info on New Orleans PD

    I am a retired Deputy Sheriff safe and comfortable in Florida and last night Something snapped inside of me. After days and days of the coverage of the brave men and women of the NOPD I came to a conclusion as to what I must do to help.Does ANYONE know or have access to a telephone # which will get me in contact with anyone in the affected area that can help point me in the right direction as far as where to go to apply at the NOPD. I know that they desperately need replacements for those that left the city and those that simply did not make it out.I am saddened at the thought of the tremendous toll that this disaster has taken on the men and women of the NOPD. I retired in 2001 and thought that i would ride into the sunset. Now, My heart is telling me that I need to go and take some pressure off of those officers in any way I can. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would want to go to New Orleans but God works in your mind in strange ways. I have been wanting to relocate anyway. I would be proud to say in the next couple of months that I am a member of the NOPD. Come on...I know someone on this board has the connections to help me!!

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    Can't offer any advice, but I gotta pass along a good luck and best wishes man...you'll need it if you go there.
    In god we trust, the rest we run through NCIC


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      Instead of doing that, go volunteer with the Salvation Army or something where people aren't going to be shooting at you.


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        Check with your local agencies maybe enve the state patrol...I got an email here at work from a colonel in the Soloraod State Patrol that was getting voulinteers to go to the gulf coast


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          their website is www.nopdonline.com or www.joinnopd.com

          I think www.joinnopd.com is down though.

          Just be prepared. They are raped with their salaries. I make 32k a year, and would have been taking a paycut down to like 27k a year to go work for them. I thought about it a little over a year ago. Also, there is a big thing with the officers being required to live within a few miles from the city.

          They have been trying to eliminate this for a while, and with the state of affairs right now, they may ditch that requirement.

          And, unless they change things or make exemptions now, you will have to go through their academy.


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            i see their selection process was very selective. see the two female officers in wal-mart with the cart.


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              According to the FOP web page they are no longer requesting physical law enforcement assistance. Try the following link for more information as the FOP is now collecting money for displaced law enforcement officers from the effected area;


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