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Ever "lost" anything from your gun belt?


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    Lost from gun belt

    I once left my gun in the gun locker at the city jail. Another officer and I had to work a traffic accident. Vehicle versus building. I took lots of nice picturers. Went back to the station and back into the jail to use the printer to print picuters. Took my gun out and put it in the locker. Finished printing the pictures and went to take a few more. Got to the location of the accident started to take pictures, placed my hand on my holster. Oh $&!T, where is my gun. I was only a block away from the jail so I go back and get my gun. Go back out to my patrol car and hear sirens. Now there where only two city officers on at the time. I was just going to my car and the other officer was inside the station doing paperwork. I get in my unit and start in the direction of the sirens. Dispatch advises NMSP is in persuit of a vehicle. I start to run code to the location of where the State officer is. Dispatch advises the vehicle is starting to come closer to where I am at. I get on the main street in the town and I see a little red car going about 70 miles per hour. Fail to stop at a stop sign. I then see the state officer. Driver of the car does not notice road ends at train tracks. Drivers car goes airborn for about 80 feet and lands. I get over there suspect is ordered at gun point to get out of car failes to comply with orders. Gas oil tranny fluid and antifreeze leaking all over the place suspect wants to smoke a cig. Out the window he comes. I end up spending rest of the shift at the hospital with bad guy.

    I realized how close I came to doing a felony stop with out a gun!! And having to babysit him with out a gun. I always place both sets of car keys in the locker too.
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      I was at an Officer Survival Course negotiating a firing lane in which my partner and I had to engange 2 targets with a rifle, move forward to a covered position and engage 2 targets with our pistols, move forward and fire at a variety of "head sized" targets (I think it was six of them) hitting each one twice.

      My partner and I were smoking along when we get to a point where he had to reload. He yells out "Alpha", drops to his knee to do a magazine change, and all the sudden yells "F**K". He the looks over at me (I am providing cover and will need a magazine change very soon) and starts to ask me for a mag and abruptly stops. I look down and my spare mags are gone! Fortunately the instructor was there to give us a "magic reload", a bunch of crap, and a 40 second time penalty.
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        Left my gun in the lockbox at jail once and had to use the shotgun for a shots fired call. Learned my lesson real quick...

        A partner of mine on SWAT left his AR-15 under the bed at the motel where we were staying...we were training at a school when the instructor walks up to him and says, "guess what the maid found?"...don't think we did not have a few laughs over some drinks later about that....
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          Myself, a female officer(not employeed anymore), and a detective, were in a fight with 4 others while executing a warrant. Moments later I look down to see the female officers fully equipped gun belt laying on the floor. I yelled out because she didn't realize it was missing.


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            Three times, three foot pursuits:
            1. Lost radio, twice actually. The foot pursuit came in two parts, I lost the radio in the very beginning. I did have a shoulder mic so the radio was just hanging there on my shoulder as I was running. He got away, that time, and I resecured my radio and all was dandy. Later we spot the dirtbag and take chase again, and lose my radio again. I got a new holster the following week.

            2. My keys, no big deal, just took 6 Officers to find 'em.

            3. My asp and cell phone. First chased suspect into heavily wooded area, my asp sidebreak holster somehow got turned upside down. Chase suspect back accross highway and lose my asp and cell in the middle. Luckily they were picked up by moviegoers.
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              Every once in a while I will lose my mind when I am speaking with the LT.
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                Ahhhh .... that sinking feeling when you reach for your weapon, only to realize you left it at the lock-up.
                I think I've left it twice.

                Once fresh out of FTO where we had locked up a juvenile. Had to go deal with some trespassers, and realized ...

                The second, I was actually on my way in to work from home. I ride a department Harley to and from home, and usually leave my weapon in the holster in the bedroom closet. This particular time, however, we had the nieces coming over, so I locked it in the safe in the garage. Well, I leave for work at 0620, and have since come to realize I should double-check my duty holster BEFORE I start riding to work. Luckily that morning, I was wearing my raingear, so i just reached over and pulled my jacket down over the empty holster.

                (Before anyone criticises me for leaving my weapon in the duty holster at night, I don't have kids, or anyone else that would venture into the bedroom closet, living with me. If I leave the weapon behind when I go out to run errands or whatever, it gets locked in the safe.)
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                  Lets see, good foot chase, running through the yards hopping fences and so on. Magazine pouch came open, lost all four extras, lost the key to the car, one set of cuffs, and my asp. Luckily the route was easy to trace and found everything in order. The keys were a little harder to find.
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                    i lost a magazine from my pouch in the snow over the winter. luckily it was a midnight and i had only been out of the car a few times on the same street so about 15 minutes of spotlighting up and down the street turned it up.

                    lost my cell off my duty belt during a foot pursuit another time, now i have a velcro pouch for it.


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                      what about the whole belt ? whoooops


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                        At our office it comes in spurts. In two weeks time all of us ended up coming to work and forgetting our gun. (There's only five of us.)
                        Personally, I've never lost anything from my belt. I try and make it a habit that when I get finished searching a vehicle to check myself to see whats missing.
                        However, I did spend about 10 minutes one night searching a parking lot for my badge.


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                          Originally posted by RabbitMPD
                          Another victim of the jail lockup. I went to lunch and a coworker of mine said "ahhhh.....where's your gun man?"

                          Does that mean that you bought lunch that day?
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                            One night my partner (In the small city I work in, there are only 2 officers on duty per shift) had stopped a car and when I arrived he had 1-black male and 3-white females out of the car. The 3-white females were "Cracked out" and could only stand and stare off into the distance. My partner was in the process of handcuffing/arresting the black male (The Driver) for No Drivers License & No Insurance. Suddenly the blk male started trying to run and may partner had a hold on the suspects arm. They were spinning around and around in a circle as I was running towards them to help my partner. The suspect then punches my partner and they both collide into the patrol car. The suspect quickly got to his feet and started running around the cars (ours & his) with me chasing him. My partner got to his feet and cut the suspect off, as he was still running from me, and tackled him. I say tackled, but it was more like he grabbed him around the waist and started driving him backwards; not picking him up & slamming him or even taking him to the ground...just kinda running with him. I caught up to them and picked both of them up into the air as I tackled them both and threw all 3 of us to the ground. Meanwhile the 3 white "Cracked out" females never moved or even looked in our direction. We quickly tied the suspect "into a knot", handcuffed him and placed him inthe back of my patrolcar. As we were looking to see if the suspect may have thrown something in the little foot chase, I found what looked to be a glock 40cal laying in the ditch near where all this took place. I called my partner over, "Oh #### dude. He must have had that on him. It looks like one of ours; kinda". My partner said, "I guess we got lucky he did'nt try shooting us then". I then, looked closer at the gun laying in the ditch and then looked at my partners holster...NO GUN!

                            I looked at him and said..."You idiot! That's your gun!" We had a big laugh about it all. I guess his gun somehow came out at some point durning this situation. I kept what happened under my hat for a few years, until one night my partner wanted to play a game of "Let me tell you what my partner did last night".
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                              Only a OMC .380 Backup in a brawl. The pistol was never found. It was a cold piece anyway.


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