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Ever "lost" anything from your gun belt?


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  • Ever "lost" anything from your gun belt?

    I seen this topic on another site, had a pretty good response so I figured we could try it here.

    A few guys I know have left there weapons in jail lockup and did not notice untill they had a hot call and realized there holster was empty
    Lock it in the trunk now.

    a women cop left her pistol on the back of a toilet and a young girl found it.

    Last one i'll list is when a soldier on gaurd was carrying a m16 and left it leaning against the wall in a highly populated area, and just walked away leaving the cleaning crew to find it.

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    lost keys to patrol car

    I arrived at the scene of shots fired with the gunsmoke in the air and victim laying prostrate. As I ran through the crowd the snap on my leather keychain apparently popped open, leaving the keys with brass disc indicating car number in the crowd. The victim went DOA. A witness stated the shooter drove away in a marked police car. Guess who's car he drove away in?


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      I lost my duty weapon twice. Both times, the seatbelt unsnapped the thumb break (this was in the day of single retention only holsters), and as I exited the car to give chase, my weapon flew out of my holster. Once was enroute to a burglary in progress call, the other was a vehicle pursuit as I got out to "delicately extricate" the suspect from the car.


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        Left my pistola in the jail lock box once. Speed out of their after dropping of a prisoner on the way to a shooting on a highway overpass. Got there and had the shooter running down an embankment. Reached for the pistola and started bluffing like a sumbiatch. Sure glad he complied. That would have been a for sure one sided gun fight.
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          Another victim of the jail lockup. I went to lunch and a coworker of mine said "ahhhh.....where's your gun man?"

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            Had to go extradite a fugitive once and realized we both left our guns in the lock box, the only thing that sucked was we didnt realize it till we got two counties over. Neither one of us wanted to take on the assignment so we got the inmate, and got the hell out so we could get back home.
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              Left mine in the jail lock box just after getting cut loose from FTO and on my own. Cleared the jail and was sent to cover another officer who had several wanted suspects in the vehicle he stopped. When I got there I got out, put my hand on my gun (or where it should have been), and then I reached around and took out my shotgun. Needless to say the officer I was covering knew where I had come from and got a big kick out of that, because he knew instantly what I had done when he saw me walking up with a shotgun. Oh well, at least I was there for him and I had the biggest gun at the stop if it had been needed. Learned right then and there, as mentioned in other posts, lock it in the trunk!


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                Originally posted by tex pd
                Learned right then and there, as mentioned in other posts, lock it in the trunk!
                Or, if your department policy doesn't allow you to secure weapons in the trunk, put your car keys in the gun safe along with the gun. Not much chance that you'll drive away without your gun if you don't have your car keys.

                That said, I think everyone has hit the street without their gun at least once. The standard there is something like what one of my friends said about working the graveyard shift: "95% of all cops working the graveyard shift have admitted to falling asleep in the patrol car. The other 5% are liars."
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                  Had a DUI run from us the other night, and when he took off from the grip my FTO had on him, my FTO went down trying to re-grab. Myself and another took off and caught the SOB, BUT when we got to booking, my FTO couldn't find his pager. So we called the other officer still on scene and asked him to check the ground in that area where my FTO went down, the officer came back on over the radio and said he didn't find the pager, "But who is missing both extra mags??" My FTO sheepishly grabbed for his mag holder and said "Uhm, that would be me, mind bringing them in?"
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                    Gun Once ::::::::::::::::::: It fell from holster and was on seat when I returned from traffic stop. Taught me to always touch weapon everytime I exited car and I mean EVERYTIME . It was fault of old Bianchi 99a holsters that wouldn't retain air let alone a gun.


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                      Luckily I've never "lost" my gun, but I have had my radio get "displaced" more than once. I'm "old school" so I don't use a shoulder mic, (I've had too many of them come loose and get in the way during a fight,) so on a couple of occasions,my radio swiveled and fell off of my belt.
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                        Many years ago, working an off duty security assignment at a skating rink, standing around watching the kiddies skating.

                        Hear a young voice at my right rear saying, "Cool gun, man." (or something to that effect.) Looking over my shoulder, I see a 11 or 12 year old holding an S&W .44 Magnum in his hand looking it over. Reach down at my side to find an empty holster. (Did I mention it was MY .44 Mag he was admiring?)

                        An old Triple K "over the hammer" thumb strap type holster. I never felt him removing the strap and taking it out of the holster. I snatched the weapon from the kid, reholstered, and proceeded to eat him alive for playing with the nice Officer's gun.

                        I then walked outside for a while to catch my breath and give myself time to stop shaking.

                        My hand stayed on my weapon the rest of the night. When I got home I removed the holster from my belt and threw it in the garbage can.

                        Hell, I'm sweating again just thinking about it.
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                          on the aug 26th at about 0030 hrs i made a stop on a guy that had just left a domestic where he severly injured his wife. my closest backup was the deputy that had went to the scene and two city p.d. officers 6 miles away. truck was occupied x 3 and they were drunk. as they got stopped the driver exited the vehicle and he was in his 70's and didnt look to be much of a threat physically. i ordered him back into the truck and approached the other side where the suspect was. as i approached i rolled my holster strap over, i carry a weapon with m-6 light and have the ratchet top safariland holster. well suspect resists and of course it happens quick enough that i didnt get a chance to resecure my holster. we wrestle our way into the highway and i get him down with me on top hard. as we hit my pistol comes sliding up and lands about a foot away from our heads. so now i have an unsecure weapon and 3 suspects with 1 combative. i quickly scooted the gun out of the one on the grounds reach and positioned myself between the gun and the one on the ground and the rest of his crew. in the end he gave up and the other two didnt try to help him in any way. this guy wasnt really trying to hurt me, he was trying to get away but it sure couldve been a different fight had he been desperate enough to want to get lethal. i learned a lot that night.


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                            Reading HCSO's post made me think of another incident. I was responding to a bar fight with another officer. When we arrived, we got the fight,which had moved outside quickly, under control, but one of the witnesses, then began to get out of line. The other officer decided it was time for the witness to go to jail and proceeded to anounce that he was going to jail, so the fight was on. When we got the guy cuffed and ready for trasport, another witness that I just happened to know, walked up and asked if one of us had dropped something. We looked around and he was holding a S&W 639 that was our duty weapons at the time.

                            The other officer had lost his weapon during the fight, and it happend to slide to a friendly watching the festivities. He picked it up and held it for us until the fight was over. This was in the day before vests were issued and neither of us had one.

                            I may have to rethink when I refer to those as the "good ol' days"


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                              Compared to those tales, I must have been lucky so far. I seem to be cursed with losing my flashlight when its dark. Of course, the flashlight is not "on" so I dont have any light and I need a flashlight to find the flashlight that I need. I now carry another little flashlight just to use for finding the first one. The worse thing I recall doing was pulling out my cellphone and trying to dial the TV channel changer. I had wondered why the "cell phone" was so quiet that evening.


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